Westboro Baptist Church to picket Sge Stallone's funeral because of...

Like this article if you think that atheists, gays, US soldiers, and Sylvester Stallone should picket Fred Phelps' funeral when he finally dies.

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*sarcasm mode on*  And this is surprising exactly how? *sarcasm mode off*

It's not.  I just hadn't posted a discussion in a while and this was the best I could find.  This is like one of those things people do just because they're bored.

I know Chris. =)  Sorry if I came off as being stupid there, though it is pretty much expected from Freddie Phelps and his cult - gotta keep that name in the news, eh? *L*

Don't worry about it, I realize that this doesn't come as a shock.  What really comes as a shock is that Fred Phelps is still alive.

The WBC would be spread thin if they covered every adulter.




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