As he would undoubtedly have it, he's died, not "passed away."

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A remarkable man, an amazing mind, an eviscerating wit. We were lucky to have had his insightful reasoning in the face of a media that expounds upon fantasies.

Cheers, Mr. Hitchens, I will certainly raise a glass of Scotch in your honor this evening.

Thank you for all you had to give to us all....  you have died too soon, we will miss you and mourn your dying, too young, so sad - wish you could have stayed much longer and given us much more - I hope your pain was minimal - and you felt all the love we have to give you......  and found peace on that moment of death :)

Quite possibly the most sane man in America.

There have been a few times in my life that I actually wished there was a god. Once was when Frank Zappa died and again today. Can you imagine the look on that bastards face when he learns that Hitch is at the gate?

Christopher Hitchens, one of the great voices of reason of our age, is dead at the age of 62 from esophageal cancer. It was always a pleasure and an education to listen to him speak or read what he wrote even when I disagreed with him. I never met him personally but I do have an anecdote about *almost* meeting him. It was when I was a volunteer at an atheist convention he was speaking at. Margaret Downey, who was running the convention, asked me what job I wanted there. Remembering Hitch's reputation as an indefatigable tippler, I grinned and told her that I wanted to be Christopher Hitchen's drink caddy. I was well-qualified for the job, I added, because I had just bought a new pair of running shoes.

Margaret, I think, was feeling a bit too harried by responsibility to appreciate my sense of humor and gave me a job working the ticket desk instead. And so, alas, I missed my chance to meet Hitchens personally.

Hichens defends America....

by 8 mins in - I had a realisation about the context of upset towards american as compared to what is going on in Zimbabwe, Sudan, and Burma......  I know less about Iraq...


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