We'd rather give no one health care than give gays health care say Catholics

DC Archdiocese changes health care policy (link)

The disturbing nature of the Catholic PAC continues today as they slice the health care benefits of all their heterosexual, married workers so as to not have to give benefits to married gay couples.

So apparently it is okay to give health care benefits to a gay worker, just not a gay workers partner. As a matter of fact, the difference is SO huge, they can't give benefits to any partners at all.

So, currently in DC the Catholic PAC has screwed over children needing adoption and they have destroyed the health care of their workers' families. I'm waiting for them to take away children coverage next...what's to stop a gay couple from adopting and needing health care? Obviously that is the next step. The only TRUE way to keep themselves pure of the EBIL HOMO AGENDA would be to withdraw from civilization all together, right?

Here's hoping they abandon society, because we definitely don't need such a hateful bigoted group in our midst.

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They are like children.
Something that occurred to me as I was talking about this with the wife is that if they'd just drop marriage recognition but then have domestic partner insurance they could avoid this mess all together. They wouldn't have to cut benefits for their employees and they'd be able to ignore gay marriage. Of course they'd have to actually want to help people instead of play "Poor Persecuted Catholic" and that obviously isn't the case.
Pardon my french ... but HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT? Their own putative deity tells them to "love each other even as I have loved you," and they can't bring themselves to consider it. Their dogma, their holy drivel is more important to them than their fellow man.

How they can portray themselves as loving or supportive of humanity is an exercise in chutzpah of unprecedented proportions.
Don't apologize, that is some fucking brilliant French!

Does anyone look at this behavior and think "that's understandable"? Least of all the employees. They've been trying to take hostages when it comes to gays--maybe they'll try killing puppies next. They're hoping people will blame the gays for people losing insurance and charities, etc (after all, gays "forced" the Catholics to do this!). Sorry, gays are not responsible for people's stupid reactions to them.
This sort of crap has to be hurting them. Surely people are looking at this and asking themselves if they want to be associated with such behaviour.

We have a real opportunity to tell theists that the Catholics aren't behaving badly, they are behaving exactly as their moral code requires them to behave. They are simply following the instructions of their god. If these instructions just don't sound right maybe you're not really a catholic person... maybe you're just a person like me?
The Catholics I've known don't agree with any of this. For most, it doesn't stop them from being Catholic though. That's been drilled into them, even if they say rosary only twice a year and never go to church. Some were getting pissed off at the church, though "being so angry at gays, when actually, hey, they're not such bad people! meanwhile going around molesting kids".
It is true, I know Catholics who are against gay bigotry as well. However, I feel it is important to hold them accountable for the PAC's actions. If you represent yourself as a faithful member of an organization then you either have to accept their actions as representative of your views, or fight to change the actions. The Catholics I know don't speak out, presumably because they want their crackers and wine.

Of course those same nice Catholics go on funding this crap too. I look at it as the same as someone arguing that not all KKK members are bigots, some just are proud of their white heritage. Shenannigans!
It's fun watching a monolithic, thousand year old religous oligarchy stamp it's feet and hold it's breath like a spoiled child but I can't help but feel sorry for the people who really need these services.
Not only unacceptable, but hypocritical as well...
At least there consistent. LOL



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