We'd rather give no one health care than give gays health care say Catholics

DC Archdiocese changes health care policy (link)

The disturbing nature of the Catholic PAC continues today as they slice the health care benefits of all their heterosexual, married workers so as to not have to give benefits to married gay couples.

So apparently it is okay to give health care benefits to a gay worker, just not a gay workers partner. As a matter of fact, the difference is SO huge, they can't give benefits to any partners at all.

So, currently in DC the Catholic PAC has screwed over children needing adoption and they have destroyed the health care of their workers' families. I'm waiting for them to take away children coverage next...what's to stop a gay couple from adopting and needing health care? Obviously that is the next step. The only TRUE way to keep themselves pure of the EBIL HOMO AGENDA would be to withdraw from civilization all together, right?

Here's hoping they abandon society, because we definitely don't need such a hateful bigoted group in our midst.

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You mean "they're"
Really, that's your comment? =P
I feel like kind of a child-on-playground myself here. While I hate to see anyone lose their benefits, I'm getting way, way more glee out of watching the Catholic Church show off its true colors. Here's hoping it drives parishioners away in droves.
This blows a hole in the argument that the Catholic Church is more interested in the welfare of people than the protection of their dogma.
To quote a podcast I follow: "Dogma makes you crazy!"



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