If you would like to see all the planned pickets, well here it is.
Is pretty bad all the things they say about where their going like this: " WBC will speak to a high school class in Doomed america that is just like every other. The message is: every adult in your life has lied to you from birth. They have taught you that God is a liar and that His commandments are merely suggestions, if that. They told you two lies, to wit: It is okay to be gay & God loves everyone; ergo, live like the devil himself and you will still go to heaven when you die. They did that because they hate you."
or this:
WBC will picket the Mulvane United Methodist Dog Kennel to warn all who attend that there is death in that pot! So they poured out for the men to eat. And it came to pass, as they were eating of the pottage, that they cried out, and said, O thou man of God, there is death in the pot. And they could not eat thereof. (2 Ki. 4:40.) Don't walk, RUN from this place! The Methodists long ago dropped any pretense of believing or preaching truth when they allowed women to be preachers and when they began the satanic ritual called "affirmations" - blessing sodomite "couples". The same God who said "thou shalt not lie with mankind as with woman kind, it is abomination" (Lev. 18:22), also said "thou shalt not kill" (Ex. 20:13). When you teach the people that it's okay to be a sodomite, you teach them it's okay to conspire to commit murder.

The fact that people like this exist is absolutely dangerous. the damage they could do to closet gays and lesbians, and outed gays and lesbians is very possible. we need to stop these things (I wouldn't dare classify them human) at every possible chance we get. these things need get some morality and humility and stop picketing funerals. that has to be one of the saddest part of their operations. angering and hurting families trying to grieve for there loved ones. i just don't understand people like this.

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Yeah, and people say not paying attention is the best strategy. I don't believe that. "Just ignore them" has never worked with bullies. The best thing is to reach out to the vulnerable people who are targeted by the WBC. And pay attention to WBC's behaviors, because I'm sure there are some that could get them into civil, and maybe criminal, court. (I know they're all lawyers, but that didn't stop Fred Phelps from being permanently disbarred.)

I want to know if those fuckers eat pork or shellfish.  It MAY be that they don't, but if they DO ... I want to make CERTAIN they are NEVER allowed to forget it.


And if they don't ... I want them held under a microscope, defined by their own bible, and see if they can withstand the scrutiny of the ridiculous laws prescribed by that antiquated piece of go-se.

I would bet that they do eat "unclean" meat. I'm also sure they are Sabbath breakers, something that according to the Bible is punishable by death.

I love that they say that there is to be NO WORK done on the Sabbath day.  From the point of view of a physicist, work, or energy, is equal to force times distance: E = F x D.  If you MOVE, you WORK!  And the fact is that even if you don't MOVE, your heart works continually to keep you alive!


Yet another dumbass law that no one could hope to live up to!

"...that antiquated piece of go-se."


Firefly fan?

Totally shiny!  Dong ma?

WBC is a cult headed by an abusive, charismatic, overbearing man, and maybe a few of his children. The rest need to know, they can escape, and chances are they will be ultimately be happier and free if they do escape. They have a choice, they just don't know or believe it.

I think it is not possible to read the bible, and really know it, and not know it is self contradicting. Phelps picks and chooses bible verses, just like others do. He picks and chooses to justify control of his cult / family. However, he is actually right, the god of the bible hates gay people, and a myriad others. The god of the bible is evil and hateful.

Maybe signs countering them should inform the members that they can have refuge, and people protesting them should mean it. They could include a phone # to call so that members have a resource when they are thinking about it later. Maybe 1-800-freenow or something. There should be an internet site offering refuge and help for those who escape. I realize that's a lot to ask, maybe impossible, of protesters. But the current drama is what Phelps wants and needs, and psychologically it justifies his actions. One of the biggest things holding cult members in, is fear of being lost and alone, once outside the cult/family. It's probably the only life they know. Unfortunately, unless there is legal proof the children are being abused, there may be nothing that can be done for them, except plant a seed in their minds to grow later, helping them to escape once they are of age.

If the cult starts to lose members, it changes the dynamic for the leader(s) as well. He feeds off the sense of crisis and loves the controversy. I suspect he is mentally ill, maybe bipolar, psychotic, or personality disordered, but also highly charismatic to his followers.

I don't know that I'd say he's that charismatic.  If he was, he'd have more followers from outside of his immediate family.

I think "domineering" is probably more apt. I've heard some interviews with Nate Phelps, and his descriptions of the abuse and control within that family are shocking.

Sounds about right, judging by that article in the other thread about Nate.

I like your idea. I have seen some counterprotest signs that said things like "save the WBC children". There could be other signs like that. There have been quite a few younger people breaking away from the cult.


From reading "Addicted to Hate" I think he is probably bipolar, but also a sociopath.

Thank you.  Im glad others have looked at it in a similar way. 


Outreach seems more productive than playing into Fred Phelps' psychopathology and addiction to drama.  After reading Nate's story, it seems to me that the family is hostage to FP's psychopathology, with some who are suffering from Stockholm syndrome and most probably victims and psychological prisoners.  They actually need and deserve help, even some of the adults.  Expressions of hope, caring, and direction to potential resources would be meaningful.  I wonder if they have internet in their homes, or if the kids are kept in the dark ages?  I would bet they are.



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