Westboro Baptists will picket Elizabeth Edwards' funeral Saturday

In a press release dated Dec. 8, the Westboro Baptist Church, which achieved notoriety staging anti-gay protests at soldiers' funerals, announced it will be sending picketers to the funeral of Elizabeth Edwards, the estranged wife of former Senator and presidential candidate, John Edwards.
A little taste of what WBC said about her:
God heard self-absorbed Elizabeth as she rode the talk show circuit spewing blasphemy. God heard her say "my God could not ...protect my boy" and "I'm not praying to God to save me from cancer" and that God is not "the God I wanted."
...Elizabeth is now a resident of hell where her rebellion and rage will take full flower. She rejoins the dead child who beat her there, and has seen the face of her grievous misconduct in neglecting her non-delegable duty to him.

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Yes. Exactly. Which makes me think there could be a case made for CAS to be involved.


Just like, Jesus Camp.


I hove spoke to some serious religious people about this case. Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist Church. They are as pissed and appalled as we are.

Thanks Keely, but I've had a bellyful of the Phelps clan this week. It'll be awhile before I can stomach writing anything about them again. It makes me feel dirty when I do.




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