Westboro Baptist protesters held at bay by zombies

Ironic, a branch of a religion started by a zombie is now opposed by them.

On another note, I know I post a lot of stories like this and I know it's getting old, but I just had to post this one.

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It's easy, you just look for the ones that are groaning mindlessly and doing something completely gross and appalling.  Everyone else is a zombie.

But they're all doing that :)

This is hilarious!  It's a great way to make the WBC crowd look even MORE ridiculous than they already are ... and maybe, eventually, shame them into knocking it off with the funeral protests.

Personally, I hope they take the advice of the lady holding up the sign that said "drink the kool-aid already".

Default Re: Westboro baptist church protest confronted by Zombies!!
Bombs, bullets, posters and zombie paint used to solve conflicts makes as much sense as protesting at a soldier's funeral. 


You are right Joan. I am glad the zombies are stopping them.

Interesting how the zombie meme was applied in this social media organized counter demonstration. Very slowly the zombie theme is working its way into everyday life.

And it's about time. We zombies have been discriminated against for far to long. I would raise my hand in salute but it fell off last week along with several toes.

Gash durn homasekshull zombies 'r gonna get us all killed when Lord Jesus hears about this 'un.




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