Texas polygamist gets 33 years for child sex abuse (link)

What do you mean he can't have sex with a 15-year old? God said it was okay on those tablets no one has ever seen.

In all seriousness though...glad to see that at least small religious sects get punished for having sex with children. Now if the law can just deal with all the rest of the sects that are into this.

I'm looking at you, Catholicism and Amish branches.

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To Mormon child diddlers:

Out in the woods, all by myself, I discovered magical tablets that no one else will ever be allowed to see or read, but tell me that God wants me to stab you in the face. Seeing as that's all the evidence you require, hold still while I get out my switchblade...
Now, now...can't be condoning violence. The tablets should read "God doesn't want your attention or prayers, just act like he doesn't exist. Thanks, writing Angel of God."
Yes indeed - except most of the Irish Priest kiddie fiddlers - have been moved as missionaries to third world countries ! Which is condoning what they do - used to be no child left behind - now it seems " no child's behind left "
I like the title of this piece. Since I'm old enough to remember the Red Skelton Show, it reminds me of one of the characters he used in his skits: Clem Kid-diddler-hopper... (well, actually, Clem Kadiddlehopper).



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