I found this article about an ad campaign on AlterNet.  I'm glad to see there is more pro-active action being taken.
I was going to break out the torches and pitchforks and go look for some god fearin' folk to scare, but I thought better of the idea in light of the Holiday spirit and all that crap.
If nothing else, it's a good excuse for good friends and some good food.  And the contribution to the retail industry doesn't do any harm either.  It is however not the best thing that they rely on this holiday for so much of their business..............a lot of jobs go with it, we can't forget that.

Maybe we can come up with some ideas for a secular non-xmas holiday of some sort?  

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How about Christmas? It's secular now.
What about the winter solstice?
Issac Newton's Birthday?
I really dislike Christmas and all its associated crass consumerism. I try to have as little to do with it as possible. I'm what you might call a Christmas Resister.
Bah Humbug.
viv la Resistance
I don't care much about buying junk. Some would say it stimulates the economy, but if it's overconsuming to stimulate the economy, it's only stimulating overconsumption. Sometimes I get little things if they remind me of people, or I make things. My favorite thing to do on the holidays is get stoned when possible...how I'll forever cherish those precious holiday memories of smoking with my mom and brothers.
The local atheist supergroup (Secular Idaho) is doing a sulstice potluck. I'm also going to do a blog post on the real reason for the season, pagan sustice festivals, and Christmas day I'll be wishing Mythra a happy birthday. That being said Christmas has been adequately co-opted.
Christmas in the US is unlike Christmas in other "Xtian" countries. Although the trappings of pagan celebrations still remain, the season is molded to American culture.
It's easy for me to ignore the Xtian's plaintive wails about the true meaning of Christmas and the "war on Christmas" because the meaning is buried in many cultures over large spans of time and the war on Christmas is a figment of Bill O'Reilly's mushy brain.
Personally I like the season, commercial huckstering and all (and it's the only time of year one can see Chia Pet ads)
I don't need to see Chia Pet ads. I am a freaking Chia Pet.
I forgot about the Chia Pet adds... and all of the new configurations of Chias. Wasn't home last Mithras-mas.
Yeah, so whose brilliant idea was this Chia Chest?
environmental adaptation?



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