Feel free to flog me if this has been addressed in small or great detail here.  I can't think of good search terms for this question.  Also, I understand that most contributions here are someone finding a news story of some kind that pertains in some way to atheism, and posting that story.


This post is not a news story, it's a question about news sources.  I don't even bother to watch TV any more, news on the tube has looked like senseless drivel as long as I can remember.  Witness such movies as Network and it's easy to see that this assessment is very old.  At the time of that movie, which condemned the quality of news reporting, the quality of news was much better than it is now.


Internet sources are vast.  I tend to look for sources were I am comfortable with the outlook or amount of detail, which I know results in an automatic bias.  I filter somewhat by having some sources sent to my Kindle.  Blog formats work pretty well on that device, so I get Huff post (liberal ns somewhat nitwit bias), Reuters, Reuters Science, and a few other sources.  Then I use Google News to pick up on current stories, and try to read more than one source, but most are shallow and draw from the same sources.


Of course, every time I check my Yahoo email I'm almost forced to see some senseless drivel about Lindsey Lohan or some other celeb shit4brain that everyone is for some reason fascinated with, before proceeding to my email.  I avoid reading the article but would prefer that those people not exen exist. 


I'm wondering where people here get their news - I hope it's not all from this group, or from the Examiner. 


Spending time today looking at current topics, the non-news Twitterhea from the likes of Sarah Palin's ghostwriter, the nonnews about the nongroundzero nonmosque, the asshole preacher  from florida who wants (wanted) to burn Korans claiming to have stopped the nonmosque from nongroundzero's nonhallowed ground, but whose threat to burn the books sets off riots among easily influenced Afganis and other Muslims who enjoy massing on the streets to condemn the great Satan as usual, all of this is more notable for lack of actual analysis and focus on the useless. 


I despair.  We are doomed.

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THis reminded me, I have a couple of automated searches going from google as well, for topics that interest me. These are returned to me as a daily email. Interesting what the terms dredge up, from diamonds to feces (both figurative of course). One of these days I need to be thoughtful in refining the terms.
Rachel Maddow is the only editorial/pundit whom I will post something of hers without double-checking. 2 years of fact-checking her and I've found her to be incredibly reliable.

I think I have caught her out once or twice not on the facts but on the rhetoric, I do like the way she deals with religion and politics on her show, also she is a self professed nerd/geek and revels in it.
Yeah, once in a while I don't agree with her stand on something, but she is always fantastic about keeping the facts straight and how she got the material.

I too love her "Moments of Geek."
I get updates from a bunch of Twitter feeds that flow a lot of news stories. I listen to a bunch of podcasts. I listen to NPR in the morning for about an hour and I watch the Daily Show and Colbert Report. I also have HuffPo, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN on my iPod.
Daily Show with Jon Stewart

NPR and The News Hour on PBS

BBC America

CNN - though, usually just Fareed Zakaria's GPS on Sunday morning

Local papers for local news

Google News for headlines, and then check other sources
Lets see I RSS

BBC World news
Al Jazeera English
CBC News
NY Times
Fox News ...reluctantly
The Guardian

Atheist News

various blogs (if included always check sources as others have said)

my nerd feeds include

Boing Boing
Life Hacker

There are also various economist and Canadian political blogs I follow.

Plus I listen to a set of podcasts (news and opinion) when I travel to and from work.

I don't read everything but I try and keep up on events to the best of my ability. It is also interesting to see what rises to the top of the news cycle and what doesn't.


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