Appeal Over Prayer Not Guaranteed To Reach US Supreme Court



MORE MONEY WASTED AT THE HANDS OF THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA (yes I do realize states don't have hands)!!!!!

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I hope it does reach the Supreme Court. I hope it gets smacked down hard. This is a precedent that needs setting.

And no, states don't have hands. The douchebags that run them, though, they have hands. And when they aren't wringing them while worrying about the opinions of their imaginary friend or clasping them uselessly in prayer, they do stupid shit like this.
Dooby, can you avoid expletives in subject lines ? It's not a puritan thing - they end up in the URL and some content filters can end up blacklisting the whole site.
my bad
Aren't the majority of the judges Republicans? What will happen when this case reaches the Supreme Court???
I don't believe these kind of arguments have anything to do with faith, they just want to flaunt their belief. It's arrogance disguised as piety.
I've been asking that question for fifty some-odd (several odd) years now.
To be fair, it's the county who is wasting the money. The state court ruled it unconstitutional and the county commissioners are going to go bitch to the fed courts. But it would be interesting to see how much tax money is going to the lawyers who are filing these appeals.




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