I travelled to the land of fox news this morning to see their coverage of the grand Olympic defeat and I found this little opinion piece.

Christianity is plummeting in America, while the number of non-believers is skyrocketing.

Today, the rise of disaffection is so powerful that different denominations needs to band together to find a shared language of God that can move beyond the fading divisions of the past and begin moving toward a partnership of different-but-equal traditions.

Or risk becoming Europe, where religion is fast becoming an afterthought.

I hope this means we get a leaning tower! Link

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Oh noes, don't let us be like Europe, with their health care and lower crime rates! Whatever would we do?!?
Rearrange the stars and remove the stripes from your flag?

And much as I like "The Star-Spangled Banner", it's hard to top "Ode to Joy" as an anthem.
"Oh noes, don't let us be like Europe, with their health care and lower crime rates! Whatever would we do?!?"

And their take-you-anywhere public transit. Man would I hate that.
Banish the Republican party?
If only a viable 3rd party could be established, then these morons really would be out on the fringe.
Oh, they are out on the fringe already...there's just no politicians left to vote for in the mainstream. I'm thinking that will either change in the next 10 years, or the system will REALLY implode. Could be wrong though...
There comment system doesn't work for me! Anti-science conservative zealots can't build a good reliable website with decent browser support? I'm shocked. Couldn't tell all the foxnews cronies that I, for one, welcome our new atheist overlords.
Works for me, but you have to register as a member of Faux News.
Can we transform religion from afterthought to not a thought at all? I mean, being religious requires no thought as it is....
LOL Emekan! Well said! :)
I love this comment I found on the original site:

"The real Christians are still here. The phoney ones, the ones that can be convinced that they are wrong, the ones that go with the trends----they are gone. Any group of people that unite for a cause have members that desert when the going gets tough, which means they were not what they said they were to begin with. God Bless them."


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