I travelled to the land of fox news this morning to see their coverage of the grand Olympic defeat and I found this little opinion piece.

Christianity is plummeting in America, while the number of non-believers is skyrocketing.

Today, the rise of disaffection is so powerful that different denominations needs to band together to find a shared language of God that can move beyond the fading divisions of the past and begin moving toward a partnership of different-but-equal traditions.

Or risk becoming Europe, where religion is fast becoming an afterthought.

I hope this means we get a leaning tower! Link

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If we become Europe can I live in New London (relocated to Arizona)? Love London, hate the weather.
London Bridge is already in Arizona, so you're partway there.
Yeah, hence AZ would be a logical choice for New London. ;-)
And don't even get me started on the nudity in the advertisements.
So....you're saying if we become more like Europe then we get nudey commercials? Sign me up, I'll wear a beret!
Would you wear a raspberry beret?
Hell yeah! Then I'd be a sexy mf'r.


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