While German catholic bishops struggle over child abuse cases, head of protestant churches steps back over drunk driving

The catholic church is in the headlines in Germany over several catholic church-run boarding schools and orphanages as being more or less the same places of child abuse and torture as in Ireland and the US. The bishops' conference spokesman, after accusing the victims, the sexual revolution in general and politicians demanding cooperation in the solving of the cases, finally begs for pardon, half-heartedly. Timely enough, he gets the support of the ruling Christian Democrats who exclaim the accusations as "exaggerated".

Meanwhile, the head of the protestant churches in Germany, Margot Kaessmann, being four weeks in office and already moved more than her predecessor Huber in six years, steps back after being caught drunk driving in Berlin.

Margot Kaessmann is/was one of the few female bishops in Germany and the first ever to head the union of protestant churches, which are organised regionally.
Now what do you expect causes the louder conundrum? Drunk driving by a woman, of course. Kaessmann was on the front pages some weeks ago when she said that "Nothing is right in Afghanistan".

(Sorry, but these news are so inside German that I did not find English versions/news)

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... horrible but true. But we can't get jaded. I put them up on twitter and reddit. I try to pass some onto non-atheist sites and friends. I try to focus on young people who wont be abused if we speak out.
I ran them through the translate.google.com

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