"The reasons that churches lose ground in developed countries can be summarized in market terms. First, with better science, and with government safety nets, and smaller families, there is less fear and uncertainty in people's daily lives and hence less of a market for religion. At the same time many alternative products are being offered, such as psychotropic medicines and electronic entertainment that have fewer strings attached and that do not require slavish conformity to unscientific beliefs."

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In order for your argument to be true you would have to ignore instability in the market, the global economy, foreign relations, and a whole lot of other stuff, all of which creates fear and uncertainty which can be used to the advantage of the peddlers of ideology and to the detriment of the ignorant.
I added the quotation marks that I forgot. You are right about the uncertainty. The article said, that the more hard times there are, the more people turn to their imaginary friend to save them.
It should also be taken into account that some people will continue to believe in Religion and/or God simply because they want to. Humans are very skilled at self-delusion. :)
For those who live with beliefs based on superstitions, fear of heaven or hell, or fear of a creator, they must acquiesce to something greater than themselves. Looking over one's shoulder is part of the role and asking for permission is another, or conforming to some idea of perfection, or asking for forgiveness is yet another.

For those who live with beliefs of being part of a grand existence, participation frees one from fear and empowers one to rise to one's potential. An atheist doesn't have to seek approval, or submit to dogma, or ask for permission, or according to Eric Stone's "Religion and the Asskiss Factor," make supplications. Atheists do not have to bow down to, make appeals to, or ask forgiveness of any one or thing.

The primary purpose of life is to live! Experience! Explore! Participate! When one's energy stops, life stops. No grand resurrection. No pearly gates. No welcome into a perfect world. No Grim Reaper to escort you there.

Each one of us is created to see, hear, smell, taste, feel, and participate in life to each's fullest capability.
Well said.
"The day I stop learning and growing is the day I die."
- Mom.

She maintained her Christianity until her dying day (Episcopal), but there were a lot of clues that she was at the very least doubtful about the literalness of it all, if not a closet Agnostic.




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