This BBC article by an academic sets out the philosophical arguments for this age-old question, including a pathetic quote from the Archbishop of York:

I have nothing to say that makes sense of this horror - all I know is that the message of the death and resurrection of Jesus is that he is with us.

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Got to love the combination. Reasonable honesty in the first half of his statement and utter amphigory in the second.
Wonderful encapsulation of the problem of evil.
And the we have an "Act of God" this allows the allmighty to misbehave whenever it suits the spirit
Why is the BBC wasting public money on this ****? That's why I want to know.
Okay, am I missing something? The article just appears to be a "problem of evil" summary with all the silly religious attempts to get out of it...and this guy refutes them all. What's wrong with that?
Why is the BBC wasting public money on this ****? That's why I want to know.

Have no idea whatsoever. But giving BBC the benefit of the doubt, if I wanted to plant seeds of Atheistic doubt in people's minds, I'd know full well that just writing about Dawkins won't be preaching to anyone but the choir.

But if I'm writing 'about Christianity,' making sure to ask questions like "Why does God allow natural disaster?" complete with religious leaders who can not answer the question, that will reach more minds.
Here's a recording of the interview with the Archbishop of York. It will make you cringe. The silly old fart is just stringing words together, one after the other, with not even the slightest attempt to make it sound sensible.




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