A grieving widow has won a Supreme Court injunction to save her dead husband's sperm after a Brisbane IVF clinic informed her it would be destroyed.

Kate Bazley launched the action after the Wesley Monash clinic told her it was against their policy to provide IVF treatment to a single woman.

This is why churches, with their bronze age attitudes towards women and fertility, should not be allowed to run hospitals.  Ms Bazley is not a single woman, she is a widow. The last thing her husband left her was a chance at another child.  Who could stand in her way?  Who could pick up the phone and tell a widow that they are going to destroy the last living part of her dead husband.  Why didn't they come clean and piss on his grave.  

This is repulsive, even for a church.  The Uniting Church is supposed to be such the meek and mild church but they show themselves to be as backward and hatefull as the worst of them. 

I'm gonna be muttering about this one in my sleep now. 

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If she wants a kid that bad, why doesn't she just adopt?
The kid would not be a part of her late husband.
What? Do you mean this literally, or are you parodying the church's opinion?
How is wanting your hubands kid parroting the church? I wasn't looking at the amount they have just that a lot of women want to have their husbands kid and not just any kid to raise.
I said "parodying," not "parroting." A parody is a a humorous or satirical imitation of a serious piece of writing. I didn't realize that you were replying to the post above you and thought you were replying to the original post, sorry. I agree that a lot of women want their husband's child and not just any child to raise. I think the reason a woman would want her deceased husband's child is because the child would inherit half his genes. I chose my husband not only because he was good looking but also because he was smart and kind. If he had died before we had children, I would have wanted his sperm to create our child, not so much for romantic reasons but for his specific genetic input.
Guess you caught my post before I edited it. I realized right after publishing that you said "parodying"
So... Plenty of kids are in need of a good home. Why bring another child into this world when you can fill that void with someone in need?
I don't disagree with you but, many women want to have their husbands kid. Guess it's more romatic that way...or something.
This is an Australian paper. Very few kids are available for adoption in Australia.


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