Will God destroy California with an earthquake if Prop 8 is struck down?

A new prophecy from some fundamentalist groups:
Will God be angry with if it legalizes gay marriage? Angry enough to destroy the entire state with a massive earthquake? Apparently there are signs and portents everywhere that indicate this is so... at least according to a number of pro-Proposition 8 evangelical ministers and their followers. Cindy Jacobs of Generals International, a group that seeks social transformation through prophecy and prayer, is alarmed about it. She has just received an "urgent prayer alert from our good friend Chuck Pierce concerning California" and its possible fate if Proposition 8 isn't upheld in court (Prop. 8 was a 2008 ballot which changed the CA constitution to effectively stop gay marriages, which courts had determined to be legal a short time earlier. Now Prop. 8 itself is being challenged in court).
More details on the signs and portents from their Jan. 6th prayer alert here.

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I fear that any earthquake will be enough for these idiots.
So, why hasn't God smote Iowa yet?

Ahahahahaha, what. WHAT.


I love that. 'Cause it's not like the state's on a FUCKING FAULT LINE or anything.


What odds can we get they can see the writing on the wall and are declaring a fairly frequent natural occurrence to be a sign of their god's displeasure just so they can point to it and scream theatrically the next time it happens?

Mick, I'm wounded.  You doubt my prophetic dreams?

... well, okay, maybe I just want the harem dream to come true.
Hey, I'll drink to that. I'll always defer to a senior scoundrel.
Religion causes earthquakes. Faith can move mountains, there are different faiths pulling in different directions, result: earthquakes. Logic, innit?
So what place will be the new west coast if this happens? Wichita?
They'd do better predicting something that doesn't normally occur in California, such as tornadoes.


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