Woman attempts to murder daughters to save them from apocalypse

abc news.


Lyn Benedetto, 47, told authorities that to prevent her family from suffering, she had her daughters, 11 and 14, lie on a bed, took a box cutter knife to their throats, then cut herself March 19.

The suspect reportedly drove the victims to a friend’s home that she thought was empty, planning to die there.


Damn, that's awful.


also, an elderly man in Taiwan committed suicide.








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Oh come on now! We don't need HuffPo style headlines here.

It is a terrible story, but - it was an ATTEMPTED murder. Luckily the mother was not successful. From the ABC story, "The two victims were taken to Antelope Valley Hospital for “moderate though non life threatening injuries”"


The upside to the story? The two girls may now have a jumpstart toward atheism once they get enough therapy to deal with the trauma of having their own mother try to kill them.


As for folks that just want to off themselves, like the guy in Taiwan, well they should not have been so gullible, but that's a matter for the Darwin Awards. But those that harm others, like this mother, should rot in prison for a very long time for imposing their crazy beliefs upon others.

What city? I could not find the ANCE News report

Sorry I mislabeled as murder.  It should be attempted murder as noted in this thread.  I will change the headline, however that might make follow up more difficult.

This is horrible. How come I haven't heard about this until now? This should be on every news anchor's lips for days. I guess attempted murder is fine as long as you did it for god.
Oops, I meant to say "as long as you believe in god".
You are right that it should have had more coverage.  I guess accounts of "the Sperminator's" infidelities are more exciting, and the press can only handle a couple of stories at a time.
This reminds me of the mental illness where the mother kills her children because she thinks she did such a terrible job parenting that she screwed them up beyond repair. (In this case, she probably has.)
One would hope she doesn't get them back...ever.  But stranger shit has happened From first hand knowledge I know a state gave a kid back to a mother after she tried to poison him.  She ended up shooting him and slicing his throat.  Needless to say she was crazy, and for the enormity of her crime she never did jail time, and did not as long as you think in a Mental Hospital, she died a free woman having been free for 5 years when it happened.


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