65-year old Miriam Smith of Pacolet Mills, South Carolina, is sitting in the Spartanburg County jail this morning after being arrested over the weekend on a charge of animal cruelty. According to a report in the Charlotte Observer, the woman said that God told her to hang and burn her nephew's pit bull because it chewed her bible and was a "devil dog." She hanged it with an extension cord, then doused it with kerosene and set it on fire.


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wow; two mean bitches.....
this dog probably chewed everything, her stupid bible just got in the way.
It was probably leather bound, so of course the dog chewed it.
Nice.  Really nice.
The dog is a martyr and is now in Paradise with 72 virgin bitches.
The woman is stupid and she needs to be put down. "insulted" is what I mean by that.

"She hanged it with an extension cord, then doused it with kerosene and set it on fire."


Clearly taking lessons from Michael Vick's book on Obedience Training For Dogs...

A real candidate for the Westboro Babtist loons.



My mother was from So. Carolina and I visit the relatives every other year.  I know there are a few strange folk down there (not excluding my relatives) - but that lady is a dangerous loon.  There are a lot of dog lovers in the state and I don't think they are going to buy the "god made me do it" bullshit.

PS: I signed the petition.

Or maybe people don't think that killing should be a response to killing.
I agree.  Torture is unacceptable.  I think Becky is way off on this.
No, killing isn't a solution. I think it's likely that the woman will be ostracized by her community and shunned by her family which is an appropriate reponse. She has also helped us in a way. It makes life more difficult for fanatics to claim divine inspiration.



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