Woman pulled over by Santa Rosa (FL) county sheriff deputy for disrespect of Eucharist

In Navarre, Florida, a woman was pulled over by a Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s deputy because her 19-year old daughter may have disrespected the flesh of her Savior.

You may remember that this is the same county where, back in 2009, Pace High School principal Frank Lay and Athletic Director Robert Freeman were sued by the ACLU for initiating prayers at school functions. Lay and Freeman chose to violate a court injunction and continued to pray at school-sponsored events. They were eventually cleared of contempt-of-court charges, but not before the campus theocracy in the Santa Rosa School System was stamped out.

Now it seems that yet another county agency has become an arm of Christian activism.

Read more at my blog here. You can find the whole story at the Northwest Florida Daily News website.


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That priest is vile and incompetent.
The priest is simply vile. It's the police officer who is incompetent. No one expects a cleric to respect civil liberties and the law. They should, however, expect it from a law enforcement officer.
This all sounds like it's part of a christian pushback, well i can only stress that we should be cautious about this and do a little cultural pushing ourselves.
Onward Christian policemen, eh?
The priest is a vengeful, paranoid megalomaniac, just like his (supposed) boss.


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