I am not whiny and snively, I just have a cold.

More love and respect from our christian folk:


I feel soooo unloved.

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The sniveling, whiny ones seem more to be the christians, who are all upset because they don't get their way as a matter of course any longer.  All of a sudden (not really), there are other players on the field, who don't recognize their superstitions and further note that our government is designed to keep hands off ALL the players, whether they deal in superstitions or not.

This discovery by believers, that atheists are out there and OUT there, that we're not going back into the closet, will likely continue to go on for some time. They will slowly but surely learn that the presumptions they have previously taken for granted regarding days of prayer and other meaningless activities in support of their deity are no longer welcome on the public stage.

For them the US-is-not-a-christian-nation pill is a horse pill and bitter to swallow. As for us, I think we tossed it down with a swig of OJ about 10 squares back!

Absolutely amazing!  Atheists are whiners because we call them out when they violate the law by using our tax dollars to support their institutions in direct violation of the 1st Amendment.  I guess that's similar to a burglar calling a home owner who was robbed a whiner because he forgot to lock his door. While on the subject of whining, I notice the article was embarrassingly silent on all the whining victims of pederasty.  Catholic remedy for child torture and rape? Walk it off.

Amen brother.

Christians spreading love and forgiveness...  such a lovely sight!

All the love and forgiveness you want ... so long as you're one of them.




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