YouTube creationist "Tony48219" kills young woman and then himself [Video]

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What a fool!
It's always easier if you have a scapegoat. In this case, it seems like his scapegoat was women.
Holy shit. What a mess.
He seems mentally ill. I feel sorry for him.
What a shame. This story is a tragedy.
This story is a tragedy.

It's only a tragedy if you're personally involved - otherwise it's entertainment.
We are involved. Even when you aren't involved. Depression, and what ever else that is going on which people deny its existence and starts tragedies of huge proportion. Religion itself could be a diagnosis if the shrinks felt comfortable with making it official.
That's what Sam Harris is working on.
Hardly. I do not have to know the people involved to feel sadness over it. I am not "entertined" by murder and suicide.
I absolutely do not question your integrity - it goes without question you have never watched police reality teevee, or CSI and its gazillion spinoffs. You play absolutely no part in the misery-exploitation economy.
It's a bit more complicated than that. Speaking for myself, I don't really watch TV. But, as may be fairly obvious to all, I do dig up a lot of depressing stories about people doing terrible shit to other people.

We could probably draw some conclusions about what a twisted individual I am from what I choose to do with my spare time, but that would be inaccurate (although that doesn't necessarily preclude me from being a twisted individual, mind you.) First, and not that it matters, I don't feel "entertained" so much as "enraged" or "righteously indignant." Righteous indignation is a lovely, pointless and totally self-serving feeling. I love it.

But yes, in that oh-shit-it's-a-train-wreck sort of way, I do get some entertainment value out of all of this, as I am sure most if not all healthy people do. I would venture that people that have been abused or people with low stress tolerances for violence are not likely to find this entertaining in the slightest.

Now we run into the question of why. Why do we feel "entertained" or "bemused" or "self satisfied?" And not just some of us; again most people feel this way. I would posit that we do this for the same reason that we laugh: we are pattern seeking and fault seeking beings. It's one of our greatest strengths as a species. We have a built in reward system for finding what is "wrong" with our environment which I think is probably very closely related to why our brains "reward" us with a flush of serotonin when we watch stupid people launch themselves off of bike ramps into houses, or when we watch someone get head-butted in the nuts by a little kid wearing a football helmet. And again, we are "rewarded" when we read stories about an "out group" doing terrible shit to innocent people. It is our brain confirming the pattern; confirming that our decision to not be a part of that "out group" was the correct one.

This only becomes unhealthy when ones need for such confirmations overwhelm ones reason and perspective, otherwise I'd say that it's perfectly healthy and normal.

(For the record, I am not in any way, shape or form an expert on this and am, in fact, a bartender. So this is pretty-much just my own bullshit opinion. Take it all with a grain of salt.)
For the record, to me it is entertainment. Its on the other side of the planet, people I know nothing about, there is no possibility that any action I could have taken would alter the events in question, and extra bonus goodness - they were religious nutjobs.

This automatic "I feel bad for this tragedy" response people feel obligated to give is to me sicker than simply admitting its entertaining. Come on, who here has NOT had a chuckle about Jeffrey Dahmer ? Those that haven't need to loosen up, or the world will end up crushing them.




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