Well if that means an adimiration for ancient tales and mithology... Im in!

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Comes to my mind another 'feature' of paganism: the respect for the nature , animals... with the arrival of christianism this world lost importance (the christians are more concerned of the kingdom come) and then trees, water and natural resources in general are in a second level.
I am pretty similar, although I do believe in "Gods" sort of - just not in higher powers. I believe that there are entities that are generated and nourished by Human belief that can be called gods, or spiritual parasites...

They can have their uses though.
Wikipedia says; In its broadest definition, pagan denotes all non-Abrahamic religions, that is to say it denotes all religions other than Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
So according to Wikipedia you're a "Religious Atheist," isn't that a contradiction of terms?
I'm not sure I actually identify as a pagan, but I have a number of pagan friends and have been to a pagan festival recently and had a great time. I don't think anything has ever moved me the way the sumbel I participated in did. Mentally, it put in me in a place I've never been and kinda destroyed a relationship. The relationship wouldn't have lasted anyway, and the sumbel actually got me to a place where I could acknowledge the issues that I had been suppressing.

In general, I love being around my pagan friends because they are so completely accepting and non-judgmental of everything.
I don't think there is anything to the whole energy stuff, but I can appreciate the use of pagan rituals and pantheons in an individuals path to self-discovery. I've found some of the Asatru rituals to be particularly moving to me on an emotional level.
I am not pagan or any other religion but i am a heathen. I wish to find more about my heritage and tradition. sorry for any bad spelling
Guess I am the only "true" pagan in here then. I don't categorize myself as an atheist simply because I am spiritual and believe in spirituality. I strongly revere nature and I vehemently detest that most religinons today all focus on human progress, as if we are anything amazing or astonishing. Everytime you read about a recent discovery in human behavior similar to an animal's it's like a huge thing just discovered, despite it shouldn't be that suprising at all.

Well, that's my tack on it. I am very concerned about our overpopulation and what is happening to this planet now. Unfortunately, nothing can be reversed. Humans brought us here, humans will bring their own doom. I don't think the planet will die, I think it is right now attempting to balance itself out by completely exterminating all of us with the help of climate changes and natural disasters (really, we should have seen that coming), what I mourn is of all other types of life will suffer because of us.
I don't really find an answer to what you mean in the link you gave me :/

Well, I believe in natural force and dualistic unitaritalism, I am still pretty sure it's not what you refer to, since yes, it is a force, something this author put bluntly "new age". For me, spiritual doesn't necessarily mean supernatural, for me it just means yes, spiritual, spirit-like. Spirits are not supernatural in my book, they are a part of nature too, and are embodied of the energies around us.

I don't see my belief in natural force as supernatural, since it IS nature, it is as natural as it can get, however, it is not something we can see with the naked eye.
I'm still reading about paganism so I can't say much, but yes, the respect for nature appeals to me. I love being around my pagan friends though they never talk about it, which is fine with me. It is a very personal thing, which is one reason why I was interested in learning more about it. I suppose if I were religious I would be pagan or wiccan, but I don't believe in the spiritual or metaphysical aspects of it. And since it's about walking your own path, that's what I'm doing. I don't know if I think of myself as an atheist pagan just yet, but one day maybe.
I have to agree with you on that. :)
But our science is also turning humans and the world around us into something more and more mechanical, which is why some people want to turn to something more spiritual which gives them another dimension to humanity than just a machine.
But science is a driving force behind this idea, because if we didn't objectify the human body or any other object in our world, we would consider it differently and science as we have it today wouldn't exist. This in turn is a part of our European languages where we actually speak of things as objects, even such abstract things like time. The very fact we have a word for time speaks for it as an object. In many languages the concept of time is completely different or just entirely lacking.




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