Before we realized there was already an Atheist Pagan group, started to start a new group, then voted to instead jump on this one, Angie Jackson started this discussion, sharing her wicked cool practice of designing homes in her mind.

Besides that I am totally having Angie be the lead architect if I ever decide to build a home, I thought the discussion thread was a great idea.

For myself, shortening my original reply if I can:

- At 18, learned autohypnosis to work through my phobia of the shot of novocain one gets at the dentist. Not all needles or shots, just those aimed at the mouth. Weird phobia I know. Long story.

- Years later, used similar techniques to not just work through my near-phobic fear of snakes, but overcome it to the point that I absolutely adore them now.

- So now, when sitting in the dental chair, working all kinds of mojo on my brain to take myself out of the crawling-on-the-ceiling-HOLY-SHIT-DON'T-AIM-THAT-NEEDLE-AT-MY-MOUTH!!! And into the realm of the much calmer and way more rational Planet-Mary, one of the most vivid images I use is that of holding and playing with a snake in my hand opposite the side of my mouth they're going to work on.

- This also comes from a technique I developed on my own at an even earlier age to cope with another long-story, freak-chronic-pain thing: Focus intently on some other part of the body to help tune out the part that's hurting.

So, what are some of your favorite mental pictures to get you in the zone?

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Hey I finally found the group! I wondered where my post went lol.

Not really mental imagery but when getting my BC shot (in the booty) I sing "Sesame Street" really loud. The nurses think I'm weird, but I don't want to hear them getting stuff ready. At the dentist I opt for nitrous because, uh, drugs are fun? No, because I'm a wuss with really bad dental needs, so if they want me coming in all the time, they'd better reward me with some floaty-through-the-window time while they fiddle in my mouth.
Too true about the trade off of legal high for dentistry!

And I've found an advantage to getting all my dental work done in Mexico: I speak almost no Spanish, so in that sense I too do not hear them getting stuff ready.

Maybe it's why I keep putting off re-learning Spanish.




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