Newt Gingrich vs Paganism from Scott Bateman.
It's a flash video and wouldn't upload and play correctly, so I had to link to it instead.
I think you'll like it!

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I do like it, even if it does make me cringe and seethe.

Have to say though, it does seem like the most far-right of the right is indeed becoming more and more a fringe element. Can you imagine if the two dominant parties in the next US presidential election were, say, Democrat vs. Green?

Doubt the GOP will die that fast. But a girl can dream.
LOL HAHA, O Barry Goldwater must be spinning like a driveshaft in his grave!! Just remember while I agree with you about the GOP, beware the fringe of the other side.
I am wary of the fringe of the fringe! And the middle too!


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