Welcome to new members. Please introduce yourself here. How did you become interested in photography? What sort of equipment do you use? What's your favorite subject? Feel free to relax here and post your photos. My only rule so far is that there will be a separate place to post photos of children and pets because, frankly, they tend to overwhelm. Photographers of all skill levels are welcome and constructive criticism should be part of the game. We should all strive to improve. If you do not care for feedback please add a *No feedback* disclaimer to your photo.

Thank you and have fun!

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I've always had some interest in photography, but the few previous times I tried to get into it, I felt so clueless that it wasn't much fun. I never really took the time to learn, and I found it too frustrating. After messing around with hand-me-down film cameras and cheap point-and-shoot digitals, I finally decided to take the plunge and invest in some decent gear a couple years ago. I picked up a Canon 20D SLR and several lenses. It is still difficult for me to find the time I'd like to spend on this hobby, but I'm hooked now.

My favorite subject is nature, mostly wild birds. I'd like to get better with landscapes but still find them difficult for some reason. Actually, there are too many areas where I need improvement to count. One subject that fascinates me for some reason but that I've never really had the opportunity to shoot is abandoned buildings.
I suppose I should introduce myself, as well, hmm? I'm an art photographer living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. So far I haven't tried to sell any prints though I've had offers (I don't know what's stopping me, to be honest). I became interested in photography last year when a nasty bout of reactive arthritis took away my ability to sketch and paint - so I picked up a camera! I just had a canon point-and-shoot but I learned how to shoot in manual mode and taught myself the basics through trial and error. My next acquisition was a Holga 120N which is a plastic medium format toy camera. They're fascinating things for those of you who don't know about them. Plastic bodies, plastic lenses, you have to put electric tape over the seams to prevent light leaks (or leave them off and see what happens!). I highly recommend everyone pick one of these bad boys up to play with. They're only about $20 and they teach you a lot about yourself as a photographer in a very stripped-down sense. My next purchase was a vintage Diana (ca 1960) plastic medium format toy camera. It's great how these two cameras sound the same but lend a completely different feel to their photos. I then bit the bullet and bought a Canon XTi. I have a 55-200 USM telephoto lens that does very nicely and a Lensbaby that is fun to play with. The stock lens, however, leaves much to be desired and I'm looking to replace it. I've just ordered another medium format camera, though this one is 'the real thing' and is being custom made in the Ukraine (for those of you in the know, it's a Kiev model camera refurbished and spruced up wonderfully and sold as Arax). I'm very excited about it and hope the 30 days it will take to get here will fly by.

As you can see, I like film. Yes, digital is easier and more convenient and has all sorts of things going for it but there's just something very special about film to me. Any other film enthusiasts out there?
I LOVE film it has a totally different feel to it compared to digital and I love working in the isolation of a darkroom it is just magical and nothing like a computer and photoshop.

Sadly when making a living from photography digital is an economic necessity. We save about $35 to $40K per year using digital so it helps the profit margin a lot.

Given unlimited money I would be back shooting large format black and white and never touch digital again.
I am awed by a beautiful photograph. At this point shooting is purely a hobby for me. I have never joined a photo club before because they are so intimidating. I have two small children and a husband with a very demanding schedule so it's difficult to get out and shoot much but as they get older I'm hoping I can devote more time to it. What I need to focus on is getting better shots right from the camera. I have a tendency to rely too much on Photoshop. Most of my photos are of my kids because, well the are acessable. ;) But I prefer landscapes, flowers and really want to do macro and grunge/abstracts.

I didn't really take an interest in photography until my mid 20's, purchased an inexpensive Pentax which was stolen. Took me years to be able to buy another, finally got a Nikon N80, then that got stolen. Great luck I have 'eh? Now I'm shooting Nikon D70 and managed to keep that one for a few years now.

Kate, I'm totally curious about the camera's you mentioned. I didn't know such a thing existed. Where can you buy them?
Thank you Kate for starting this group!

I'm a hobbyist and amateur, no doubt, but I've been lucky enough to be in the position (see also: "it's who you know") to be paid for a couple gigs (the last one being for a D.C. event at the Library of Congress, which was a blast). As a hobbyist I dabble and steal time away whenever possible. My intentions to steal that time away, though, are outweighed too often by my real job, so I've made sure to become the defacto, go-to photographer whenever family and friends ask just to make sure I keep my chops--and equipment--up. And I never come home from a vacation without, like, a thousand shots. (The ol' shotgun method; something's gotta stick.)

I learned photography old-school (though not as old school as you, Kate!) with a fully-manual Pentax K1000 while on my college newspaper staff. I even won a California college photojournalism award (though it was in a small-newspaper category, which is one of those big-fish/small-pond awards). I fell away from photography for a good long while after college, but digital revived my interest. Since getting my 480x640 off-brand hunk-o'-junk back in '97, I've been through several digital cameras. I broke a few. I gave a couple away. Earlier this year, I finally settled on my Pentax (good ol' Pentax!) K20D DSLR. This purchase allowed me to make use of every Pentax lens I've ever owned that I hadn't broken or lost (which is how I justified the expense) and yet I find myself mostly using the best walk-around lens I ever owned, a 18-250 mm jobber.

I don't have a particular area of interest when shooting (see also: "the shotgun method"), but I think I do best at candids and portraits. I've been experimenting with Photoshop since I could afford it (Dawnee, I believe I started with v5 also), but I'm to the point now where I only use it to fix small blemishes in otherwise good shots.

I'm definitely glad to back on the photographic horse.
I became somewhat interested in photography in college, mainly as a means of building my theatre design portfolio and for the same reasons I love lighting design. When my wife died, it became an important means to cope and communicate what I was going through. I like to dabble in a variety of subject matter, anything that I find easier to say in pictures than with words.
Hi Im doug and I am a photography addict.

I actually suffer withdrawal symptoms if I cannot get a fix every few days at least. ( I try to have a hit every day :)

Some of my work is at http://www.silverimagephotos.com.au/

more recent work and stuff is at http://www.flickr.com/photos/76729200@N00/


And I am ever so slightly biased about Nikon gear.

I have used most cameras and systems over the last 35 years from 10"x10" aerial camera to a $2 Diana.

I became a photographer after being thrown out of school for not being able to read or write. I was told I was being deliberately stupid! I am still badly dyslexic but have learned to cope and to use cameras to express a lot of stuff I cannot put into words.

Cheers Doug
I've enjoyed photography since I was a little boy.

I've posted some of my photos here: http://eyeofraha.blogspot.com

I'm gradually adding more.
How did I become interested? My mom bought a digital camera when I was a pre-teen, and I pretty much appropriated it for myself. I'm still a total newbie at this, and only use a point-and-shoot camera because I'm cheaper than dirt and it almost literally hurts to spend money, even when it comes to cameras.

Equipment- I have a nikon coolpix, which I use together with magnifying glasses, my microscope, or whatever I have handy to take pictures. Of course, I also use things like photoshop and autopano pro to modify my pictures (if I'm not feeling lazy).

Fav. subject- Easy, nature. I love macros, panoramas, and micrographs.

I'll probably post some pictures later today.
i'm new to photography but i need to take as many pictures of beijing as possible before i leave! i've got a couple of canons and several lenses and the bag's getting way too heavy for me. i post on flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/toomanytribbles/sets/
Those are some stunning photographs, tribbles. The lightings, the compositions, the places-and-times, the angles, the "feels" ... all just wonderful. I really wish I had your eye.
I'll second the 'stunning photographs' vote. I love extreme macros and off-the-wall perspectives. Well done!




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