Welcome to new members. Please introduce yourself here. How did you become interested in photography? What sort of equipment do you use? What's your favorite subject? Feel free to relax here and post your photos. My only rule so far is that there will be a separate place to post photos of children and pets because, frankly, they tend to overwhelm. Photographers of all skill levels are welcome and constructive criticism should be part of the game. We should all strive to improve. If you do not care for feedback please add a *No feedback* disclaimer to your photo.

Thank you and have fun!

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Oh I believe as I do the same!
Brand new to the group. Both intimidated and inspired by what I'm seeing here so far!

In 6th grade I swiped Dad's camera and took it to school one day for no particular reason. Was amazed at some of the good B&Ws I got of some teachers and classmates, which took me from simply loving looking at pictures to a mild interest in taking them.

Being horribly broke most of my life though I've never been able to afford the fancy equipment.

I currently have a Panasonic FZ12 ultrazoom. It was my compromise between portable and easy to use, and something I could still afford. I'm still quite happy with it, all but mastering its ability to get sunset photos and not-quite-true macros, but some nice extreme closeups.

My only formal training was a short stint in Film School. While most everyone was there to be the next great director, I was more interested in the cinematography and editing process. Someday, I hope to upgrade to a decent digital SLR and an HD video camera.

As to subjects, most anything that catches my eye, but I have a special love of odd angles and taking pictures of things through things. Living in and around Page AZ, Glen Canyon/Lake Powell, I don't lack for things to take my amateur photos of!

Hello from Finland!
First of all - I'm happy that I found this place! :)
I've always loved photography but it really became a hobby about a year ago when I got my first reasonably good camera - Panasonic Lumix G1. Have been shooting mostly nature in addition to usual family events. There is so much to learn...
It's all good fun though with Digital even while you're learning.
Heh, you and me both with the Panasonic Lumix. ;-)
Wow, that turtle is absolutely gorgeous! Love sea-life photography. Done right, you can get some amazingly stunning colorization (like you did).
Hello Allison,

I love the urban exploration derelict images you have in your photostream. I keep meaning to do some of that myself, must set some time aside.

Ryan, love the turtle, beautiful colours.
I LOVE huge, abandoned warehouses and buildings. Always fascinating to wonder what's in them, what stories they hold. Nice pics!
"Please introduce yourself here."
I go by the name of Exodia.

"How did you become interested in photography?"
I just recently got into photography. Well actually I have always been interested in the subject, and as a teen have done large format darkroom photography(in a print shop), and processed/developed the photos the traditional way(separate trays of developer, stop bath, and fixer) as well. Although I was trained in certain technical aspect of darkroom photography, and photography in general I more so like the artistic side of it. In an amateur capacity; I have studied the work, and technique of Stefan May’s and his black and whites. Of Bruno Bisang fashion photographs, Howard Schatz photographic work in anatomy/forms/bodies, and even Irving Penn’s famous celebrity photographs along with his almost trademark [corner] style. Well, suffice it to say that I have always had a love for the art of photography, just not the drive. But the interest/fire has been rekindled. :)

Just recently purchased a DSLR camera, along with a couple of lenses, and filters in order to settle an insignificantly random conversation/debate between a friend and I, by way of a photography contest. We seem to be always competing with each other. Even though I prefer film, the reason I chose a DSLR camera over a film-based SLR camera is because as I did not want to create a darkroom in my house, and I am a bit lazy. :O)

"What sort of equipment do you use?"

DSLR Sony Alpha A300 (mid-range) camera

Sony DT 18-70mm f/3.5-5.6 (kit) lens
Sony 75-300mm f/4.5-5.6 lens
Sony 50mm f/1.4 lens
Acquiring: Sony 28-75mm F/2.8 SAM lens

Extra batteries, miscellaneous cables, and lens hoods. My gear bag is not heavy yet, but I’m working on it. :O)

"What's your favorite subject?"
So far, everything…


I became interested in photography back in the '80's when I was in the military and traveling around the world. I was a poor kid and I lucked out and managed to hit all seven continents due to my choices. Back then, I had a Canon AE-1, a Canon A-1, and an Olympus OM-4ti, most of which I picked up pretty cheaply during sales at the exchange. Unfortunately, during a transfer across country, all of my cameras & gear, prints and negatives were stolen when someone broke into my car. Pretty much turned me off photography for many years.

Obviously, I'm involved with it again, since I'm here - however, I just shoot for fun. I don't have any favorite subjects, just what seems to be a nervous tic in my shutter finger that makes me take way too many photos (and I carry my camera with me about 95% of the time that I'm out of the house).

I use an Olympus E520, and primarily legacy lenses that I can pick up cheaply at pawn shops and online auction sites (fixed income). All of my workflow is performed on alternative OSes, primarily Linux. Generally I use Bibble 5 Pro, The GIMP, CinePaint, qtpfsgui, hugin, and others.
IaOrana Ia Oe! Hello to all, Having just managed to find this "Photo Forum", I felt that the first thing that I should do was introduce myself. I am an older than dirt, retired US Navy Chief and make my home on the island of Raiatea in French Polynesia.

I became interested in Photography a few years ago, when I returned to the Republik of Fascistan for the sole reason to provide care for my Mom. My daughter and my wife thought it would be a great idea to see what "Dad" was up to and to familiarize the grandkids with another part of the world.

Little did they know what kind of a monster they had created. I started out with a Olympus OM10, and slowly but surely migrated up (or evolved) the scale to digital. First, with point and shoot camerand then with DSLR's. I now own 3 DSLR's and am quietly saving my pennies, nickels, and dimes for a fourth. I shoot with Nikons, only because they were what felt right to my hands at the time, and now I have so many lenses that it is impossible to change without having to take a bath...

Nikon has been good to me equipment wise, even though I feel that their manuals suck, big time.

My education in Photography is still on going, and I learn from any and all critiques. All responses to my work is always appreciated whether or not it is negative or positive. Learning has become an obsession and without you and those like you, I feel that I couldn't have reached the level I am at today.

Here are 3 recent shots taken close to home of flowers, scenery and stuffs that appeal to me. I hope that they might appeal to you also...


Haere Maru, Haere Papu

How did I get interested? Shooting. It kind of just grew on me. I'm one step below a DSLR at this point - still having fun with high end point-and-shoots. Since I like to get shots outdoors when hiking aloine, preferably landscape and critters, I opt for the 20x optical of my Canon SX20is and am planning to purchase a Canon SX30is in the near future. The Flickr account now stands at a little over 14,000 images and helps me, kind of like notebooks help a writer (I also write).

Other equipment: Me, an old tripod, lots of SD cards and lots of rechargeable batteries. I have a macro lens and filters.

I bumped into another photographer in another group and found out that atheists can have photography clubs, too. :-) Froody.

Photos are at http://www.flickr.com/photos/knowprose - I expect I'll add some shots here as I get more into winter.




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