For now, apart from the separate child and pet photography threads, I think it's safe to have one general area for photography. If there seems to be a need to further split this into more specific groupings we can do so in the future.

Here is a gull in flight as the sun is setting in Gulfport, MS. Taken with my Canon XTi and just the stock lens which I'm looking to upgrade.


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Sharing photos is a great idea, especially because I bet so many of us are nature lovers. My main subject for photography, after my dog, would have to be birds. I'd really like to learn more about landscape photography when I have the chance.

Anyway, here is a basic Cardinal shot from Big Creek Water Park.

I took this shot of the fountain at Versailles with a Konica Minolta DiMAGE in 2004. In Photoshop, I applied some dodges and burns.

I thought it would be appropriate for my first photo posted here to have some irreligious content.

I took this picture in Rome, not far from the Vatican. The statue of Caesar is actually facing away from the church. I got my exposure reading from one of the brighter areas so that the statue would be in shadow, thereby allowing it to seem that Caesar was flipping off the church.

I didn't have to manipulate the picture in Photoshop except (ironically) to remove a bird that was flying around the church.

UPDATE: After posting, I noticed that the photo looks stretched vertically when displayed here. I tried saving the image from this site and then opening it on my computer. It looked right, then.
I like the humming bird one, tis a beaut.
As I said in the intro page, I like taking pictures of nature/science stuff, especially micrographs, macros, and panos. I wanted to post a pano, but I already archived the picture I wanted to post (DVD) so I'll post a greatly-reduced panoramic micrograph of an unknown type of algae instead :)


Here's a fungus gnat, illustrating my use of magnifying glasses to take macros. A macro this close would have been impossible without my magnifying glass:

and a flying firefly (also LOVE catching subjects in the act of doing something):


For a couple more of my pictures, here's my photobucket page:
Cool! I see you're from GA, and I notice you didn't give a name for the moth. If you were wondering, it's a Cecropia moth (Hyalophora cecropia), the moth with the largest wingspan in the US :) It's also a male, as it has huge feathery antennae.

The coloration is pretty unusual too, I think. I've always wanted to raise Cecropia moths, but all the caterpillars died the one time I was able to try.
I would love to be a photographer, but I don't exactly have a great camera..actually the only camera I have is my phone =(
I would love to get into digital art as well.
The picture below is of one that I took while I was at home and liked the look of the sky, spur of the moment thing. I take a lot of photo's with my phone but I doubt any of them are any good..

Keep it up, Infidel_girl. As Kate has demonstrated, it's not the equipment but what you get out of it that counts.
Thank you, that is very true. I took my favourite view of the day at Redcar beach..(near Whitby if anyone wants to know..)

Oh, that's awesome. Excellent composition. A beautiful scene.
It is very good. I have a friend who only paint clouds, and I doubt if he could have framed a picture any better.




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