There's this great big hole in the gound near where I live, and just about everyone goes there in summer.

I like it better in winter. Fewer tourists, and much nicer photo ops.

Again, the retired Olympus.

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And a hodgepodge. One is the Milwaukee lakefront skyline, dominated by high-rises and foreshortened by distance.* Another is MKE again, this time dusk. The third is a more or less abstract pattern of snowy tree branches against a wintry sky.

Also with that Olympus. The camera had glass lens elements and a 10X optical zoom -- pretty incredible, all things considered, but it ate batteries for breakfast, lunch and dinner -- as well as brunch, a midafternoon snack, an aperitif, dessert, supper and, on the odd occasion, matinsbrot. Oy.


* I cheated a little on that one. I shopped it in LAB colorspace to bring up subtle shades, because the colors were a bit flat without that adjustment, but that's all I actually did to it.
Nice photos. Not sure mine measure up, but I find this shot of the Wallkill River pleasing, particularly for the little visual "trick" it presents.

This was my favourite photo from my trip to Switzerland last year.

It's the head of The Matter Valley, Over-looking the town of Zermatt, to the right of frame is The Matterhorn, fringed by cloud.




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