Any atheist photographers out there up for a contest? Any idea how to organize one since we don't all have dA/flickr/ accounts? Any idea what prizes would be? Could we use them promotionally for A|N?

Seriously though, it could be a good time.

Discuss: possible themes, foci, prizes, means of distribution, judges etc.

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Sounds like fun!
I was in a club one time that had a weekly contest with different themes. Maybe floral one week, children next week, landscape, etc. etc.
Why couldn't the entries be posted here under a new discussion for each week's entries? Then somehow figure out voting.
Prizes? Heck I don't know. Isn't winning the contest prize enough? :o)
Maybe the owner of the A/N could post the winner on the front page for the week or something.
ooh, good idea. we could talk to Brother Richard...
I like this idea. Regarding organization, we could keep it contained within one thread per contest here in the AN Photo Club. I'd like to see themes related to atheism, skepticism, and humanism.




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