I have just jointed the group, so here's a big hello shoot out. I've been an atheist for over 40 years. I also am an avid amateur photographer. I was wondering how atheism affects your photography. I haven't ever thought about that until seeing this group. Upon reflection, I can honestly say that I don't think atheism has any real affect upon my photography. While I enjoy taking nature and landscape shots the most, I still enjoy capturing old churches, and religious relics. I don't think I really make any conscious statement in my photography about atheism. Do think your atheism is reflected in, or affects your photographic work? Also, please suggest appropriate tags.

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Not much. When I sit in a church, I think about the dismal lighting, wacky color balance, and thank god I don't shoot weddings.
Amen! :o)
I have shot weddings but I gave it up more than 30 years ago. Never again unless you hold a gun to my head or threaten to kill a kitten. I took pictures at the weddings of 2 of my daughters but that was only so I could share the event with friends and relatives who couldn't make it to the event.
I've done three, no more I'll take the bullet!
I only do outdoor weddings for that reason >.< unfortunately my last wedding got rained on and they ended up moving inside. it was a semi disaster.
Atheism doesn't affect my photography at all. I'm an architectural nut and buildings tend to be my favorite subject to photograph. When I photograph a church, I see arches, vaults, buttresses, keystones. I see a magnificent building that was designed and built by men applying the sciences to create a work of usable art, not built by a god.

Now how other people perceive my photography is another animal all together and something I have no control over. I think that's one of the great things about the hobby is its openness to interpretation. A viewer pulls from it what they want to see.
Not at all, As a matter of fact I'm a wedding photographer and I love it. Luckily I tend to attract carefree clients usually having outdoor or beach weddings but have no problem with church ceremonies.
I've photographed beautiful churches and religious statues and just see them as a work of art.
Nature and landscape photography is my favorite type of photography but I think that's because I love the outdoors so much.
I don't think my atheist beliefs have had any great influence on my photography. I am planning to do something that definitely has an atheist theme. I won't give away my secret but I will share the result with the group if I ever get the chance to create the image I want.
I have certainly shot my share of churches but only as interesting architecture or historical buildings.
I certainly have pictures of cathedrals and churches (can't spend two weeks in Italy and not... really...) and I've done atheism-inspired photo shoots. It's not something I often try to express through photography but I don't ignore it either.
I can't say it doesn't because I do love to photograph the loons with the placards that you sometimes come across in city centres.

I will take pictures of churches and the like too, but more as an appreciation of the construction of such structures without the use of modern machinery.

Thinking about it, I'll photograph anything, and often do.
I really like the contrast of colours in the bottom one. The other two remind me of cake decorations, icing!
Well, Atheism has altered my world view, and since photography is one way of me literally viewing the world, I'd say yes.

I'm a geology geek for one. When I take photos of rock formations, creeks and dry washes, more than ever I'm asking myself, "How can anyone not believe in natural erosion looking at this? How can anyone say that science without god(s) has no beauty?"

For me, it is the very idea that a sandstone wall was gradually etched out like a child's drip sand castle that makes it so fascinating and beautiful. What caused this hole to be bigger than that hole? Why did the crack run that way instead of this way? I find it ever more impossible to believe that an all-powerful being would spend so much time etching so much detail into that sandstone wall but ignore hunger in Somalia, or the cries of a child being abused by yet another priest.

(Proof there is no benevolent god, but there is awesomeness in science!)




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