Despite all the sodding about to get passes permissions etc, I do have a bit of a passion for event photography. Anyone else do any?

Suggs from British Ska/Two Tone band Madness

Amanda Palmer

MayKay of Irish band Fight Like Apes

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I've done gig photography for some local bands here in the Hampton Roads area, nothing professional though.
I mainly do mine for fun, quite an oversubscribed job in London.
I've posted a bunch of my shots from those shows on my deviantart account, but they're kind of spread out in the gallery starting on page 36 and going on from there.
Cock ESP look like an interesting bunch to photograph, if they ever get to London I'll go along!
Yeah, my pictures really do no justice when it comes to how much fun that show was (I think I got hit with a chair at one point). In fact, video would probably be more appropriate.




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