Tired of store bought pot pies that cost too much, take forever to bake in the oven or get hard crust in the microwave and contain ingredients you don't like? Try making home made pot pies. Good points: You can use up leftovers. You can make sure it has a top and bottom crust. They can come out of the fridge, get flipped into a plastic box, poked with a fork and microwaved up perfectly in 4 1/2 minutes. Bad points: They take up a lot of cooking time and ingredients. You have to find itty bitty pie pans or use disposable ones.
Get the pie crust and roux recipe from any recipe site. Filling: Make a roux with butter, milk and flour. Pour Campbells cream - of - anything soup in the roux. add more milk and flour as desired. Also add one cup of chicken broth or vegi bullion broth. We're talking spoon fulls of flour, not cups. Mix until smooth. Remember flour will thicken the soup when it cools. Pour in all your leftover vegetables. I use all kinds of vegs: canned, frozen, left over, etc. I find that potatoes don't work for some reason. They taste funny. If you want to add fresh vegetables, cut them up and sautee them first. If you use meat, cook it hawever you normally would, cut it up and throw it in the pot. Cook the whole mess a while and then pour it all in a tupperware vat, let cool, and put in the fridge. Make the crust later. It's too much work for one night.
The crust recipes I use have flour, shortening, ice water and one or two other ingredients. These pies take a LOT of crust. Spray Pam on a cutting board. piece of wax paper, rolling pin and the inside of the pie plates. Preheat oven to 350 and have a cookie sheet ready to use. Fill the little pie plates with dough on the bottom and sides. Spoon in the filling evenly up to the top. Roll out flat lids out of dough. Poke holes in the top with a knife and mash the sides down with a fork. Bake it about 40 minutes. These are great to have around the house. You can freeze them or keep them in the fridge or both. My mom likes to oven bake hers. I like to keep mine in the fridge and flip them in tupperware, stabby stabby stabby with a fork and zappy zappy zappy 4 1/2 minutes.

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P.S. The wax paper on the cutting board makes it easy to roll out circles of dough and flip them into the pans. Use a big fist sized glob for the bottom crust and a smaller fist sized glob for the top. Don't use a cookie cutter to cut out shapes in the crust. Just poke knife holes. The holes vanish as it bakes, and the soup stays inside, all nice and creamy.

Intermediate: Try to make the kind where you put the stuff inside like an omlette, flip the top over, and mash the sides with a fork. I think I made one of those once to see if I could do it, but feel safer with foil pie pans.

Pot pies are one of the things I missed when I turned vegetarian. That's why I learned to make them from scratch. I think the ones I make are similar to and better than the chicken ones my mom used to buy. Other reasons to make pot pies: Use up leftovers and baking flour. Come up with your own recipes omitting the parts you hate. Eat the leftover filling hot on toast. Omit the parts you're allergic to. If you like the frozen ones from the grocery store, you'll love fresh ones even more.


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