It makes sense because they want you to buy their product. There are always recipes on Hershey's cocoa powder and Philly cream cheese. I never tried those, but they look good. Baker's chocolate has a chocolate - chocolate chip cookie recipe that's incredible. I like to add 'normal' chocolate chips. I recently made some cinnamon biscuits from a recipe from the back of a self rising flour bag. They were good. It said to add raisins or currants. It also said to add frosting made from powdered sugar and water. I just made them plain. They're awesome. There was one exception. I have had really bad experiences with the recipes on Asian food packs. (It's a vegetarian thing. It will probably never come up for most people. If you ever see an "egg salad" recipe on a tofu package that involves vinegar, don't try it. It's gut wrenching.) This topic came up because I was trying to find recipes for some stuff we have laying around the house on Recipezaar. I finally just wound up looking on the packages and found exactly what I wanted!!! I found easy recipes to make stuff you would want to eat out of normal household ingredients. Can anyone else suggest any good recipes they have tried that are always on the food package?

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Today we made Marie Calendar's cornbread mix just like the package said with 1/4 cup sugar. That was good.

I get my oatmeal cookie recipes off of the box.  I also get the chocolate chip cookie recipe off of the Hershey's chip package.....however, I do find a lot more of the stuff I use off of the internet, or out of old cookbooks I have had forever.  I also have a lot of cookbooks/textbooks I got in culinary school.  I get recipes from darn near everywhere.




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