Exploitation of Nature by Religion
“Aggrieved and offended nature”
“Reason speaks”

A lot, Religion exploits the availability of the nature's objects and ascribe them to God, while the existence of those nature’s objects have been formed before the coming of religion thousands of years before. In this case:
1. Religion does not respect human’s mind, as it lies to it, by telling that God has created nature’s objects.
2. Why didn’t God communicate with those people who had lived in those ancient periods, before the coming of religion? What was their guilt that God had not communicated with them and told them of his existence and his creation? Is this discrimination, carelessness, or he was not there at that time! Or they were created by someone else?
3. Religion claims the creation of those nature’s objects and the control of their behaviour. Religion didn’t bring any new thing at all. What was mentioned in the religious books about the creation was originally exist. Religion just exploited the existence and the behavior of those nature’s objects and ascribed that to a fictional being named God. Example; In Quran God says that he, who brought/got down water from the sky! Ok, Water comes down from the sky naturally, thousands years before religion, and water behaves according to very accurate rules. If a season is not rainy, rain doesn’t come down, at the same time God never showed us practically getting down water as concrete evidence.
4. Every thing in religion is metaphysical / transcendental. It is merely speech, speech, speech and attributing the whole natural phenomena to that supernatural, invisible or unseen being named God. Why does not that metaphysical being show himself at least once? And creates at least one practical, actual, real, and rational thing before us. What’s the objection? Deity, providence, or heaven capable, unable, selfish or, egoist; it does not respect our minds and our intellect. The disaster here is not the deity, the disaster is the believers and religious people who enforce and strengthen such illusions.
5. In Quran, God “Allah” claims the creation of the Sun, moon, stars, skies, earths (7 skies and 7 earths) , human’s soul, Satan, devils, spirits, angels, death, life, earring, sight, mind, humans, animals, birds, day, night, light, dark, mountains, seas, water, fire, dust ,rock and all the nature’s objects , except one thing it was never mentioned, (Air) I don’t know why! I guess because of the ignorance of the author. As air in that time, the period before science was not discovered yet, while it was exist, and the author of Quran talks only about what was picked up by his abstract five senses.
6. All those things were exist before the appearance of religion, people who lived in those ages (before religion) who supposed to tell them such information! Why were not those nations and peoples informed or told about that creation?

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Why didn’t God communicate with those people who had lived in those ancient periods, millions and millions of years before the coming of religion?

The monotheistic religions would say because there was no earth millions of years ago or even tens of thousands of years ago.

But back when I was a child, trying to reconcile the very rational, scientific view of the world I was being taught (like there were hominids a million years ago) and the laid-back but still Christian religious views, I too wondered; "So where was God up until 6,000 years ago?"

I just figured no one had bothered to write any of it down for quite a while. Which turns out would be not far from the truth. Though child-me also always wondered, "So if they didn't bother to write it down until tens, hundreds, or thousands of years later, how do we know they got the story right? I play 'operator' with my friends and the point of the game is that we can't keep a single whispered phrase correct for 90 seconds as it goes through a dozen ears."


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