I Need People Ready to Fight!

I need people who are actually trying to inflict consequence on the Family System.  This means attacking the foundations and mechanics of its power.  This means holding parents accountable.

I need people who are trying to inflict consequence, instead of opting for Recovery and Therapy.

The Recovery Paradigm is based on Liberal Pedagogy.  This is a philosophy which reifyies the Family System.  It amounts to worshiping the Holy Family.  It is a means of denial.  Its also a repackaging of Sin and Salvation.

Psychotherapy is predicated on squelching aggression.  Until such aggression is gone, one is deemed to be in need of more therapy.  This is tantamount to rape.

So I need people who are trying to attack the family system, instead of punching pillows and venting histrionically.

Its not just my family or any one persons family.  Its and entire social order and a power base.  So I need people who are trying to find ways to attack the Family System.  The going may be tough.  Initial victories may be limited.  But I need people who are trying and who are rejecting Recovery, Psychotherapy, Live and Let Live, and the Self-Reliance Ethic.


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I would support that group. I think the family system is a part of the religious hold on society, but it's also a part of the powers that be's fiscal hold on citizens. I have met so many people who are trapped by their lifestyle, they can't say anything about their company, their job, their politicians, because they are so afraid of losing their family benefits, and also afraid of not being able to provide for their families. The family system is imposed onto us as a form of willing slavery. I agree it needs to be fought, equally as religion.

Okay, so lets find some people who are trying to fight.  None of us can do it alone.  We need to find others who have already figured some ways to strike back.  We can join forces with them, get experience, and then maybe find even more ways.


The laws in Canada are different from the US.  And British Columbia is different from the rest of Canada.




But here is a BC law firm which is trying to block disinheritance.  I think this is a place to start.  Prohibiting disinheritance is the lightest form of after the fact redress.  I say it should apply in every case.  Then in more severe cases the redress escalates.


I want to know more about the inheritance laws in other countries, and i want to know of people who are fighting to prevent disinheritance and obtain greater redress elsewhere.



a reply I wrote for another forum where there is a need to defend my Privacy Screen:


I am someone who no longer has any access to a biography.  Compounding circumstances have unfolded in such a manner as to deny me any sort of a biography.

As such, I have to be on guard constantly.  If I were to disclose any facet of my life, without the benefit of a complete biography, I would be all but guaranteeing that I would be further violated.
Why do people do such?  Its because they have a huge emotional investment in protecting their own denial systems.  They will have at their disposal huge repertoires of communications tactics which they can deploy in order to delegitimate.

I am alive because of the Privacy Screen.

So, since I must not talk about my own life, I have to offer examples in the abstract.
Here is a list from a prominent law firm of the adult symptoms of childhood sexual abuse:

Long-Term Effects of Abuse

Among the life changing, long-term effects of abuse reported by adult
survivors of sexual abuse, are both the logical as well as the
unexpectedly dramatic negative additions to a victim's personality and
physical makeup. These effects include:

Drug and alcohol abuse
Failed personal and romantic relationships
Loss of religious faith, in cases of clergy abuse
Disinterest in family relationships
Disintegration of a family
Poor self-esteem
Feelings of deep depression
Difficulties with casual social relationships
Feelings of isolation and despair
Loss of trust in authority figures and institutions who don't report
child molestation
Despair in reaction to persecuting attitudes of police
Inappropriate sexual behavior
Poor work habits
Unemployment or underemployment

Now, this law firm is trying to turn things around, use the items on this list as evidence of harm and cause for compensation.  Even though I don't really like the abuse model, I still greatly applaud what this law firm is doing.
I also though note that most such cases are not directed against the Family System. They are directed at institutions.  When it pertains to the Family System, the symptoms listed above will be even more severe.
I have been posting on Recovery Movement oriented forums for a long time now.  I find there people who have animosity with their parents.  But most of them still subscribe to the idea that you "can't carry around anger", so it never goes anywhere.  But it is still from this realm, those with such animosity, that I hope to find some who will wish to seek redress.  I need comrades.

I submit that the above list of long term symptoms will apply to most any sort of abuse, and especially so when it is part of the Family System.  There is a reason for this.  What the Family System serves to do is to enforce the Self-Reliance Ethic.  All of the items on the above list of symptoms also constitute failures to live up the Self-Reliance Ethic.  They are exactly those sorts of things used by parents to denigrate their adult children.  I have listened to such litanies delivered in public places lots and lots of times.  Believe me, I have wanted to insert myself into the situation.

They are also the exact same sorts of Self-Reliance issues which are enforced by Therapy, The Recovery Movement, and Religion.

So anyone who has a problem with the Family System therefore finds themselves guilty automatically.
For myself, someone whose life has been severely impacted by many many things, I must be alway vigilant.  Otherwise I would be attacked constantly.

The Family System serves to break people. 

When it fails to do this, Therapy, Recovery, and Religion are there to step in and finish the job.
So what I want instead is redress.  But for me to be able to survive until I am able to get it, I must must must conceal.  I don't mean keep confidential, I mean keep concealed.

People have huge arsenals of communications tactics to use in denigration.  The only way I can stand up to these is if people don't know.  I mean really don't know.

A couple weeks ago I got an email accusing me of all manner of imaginable thing, and most of all of not living up to the Self-Reliance Ethic.

On another board I just got accused of all sorts of things, because I would not disclose.

The only thing which blunts these attacks is the fact that I really do maintain a Privacy Firewall, and a buffer zone.  So people may one day think that they know about me and attack.  But then they realize that they really don't know.  They chances of someone being able to use inference to figure me out, is very very slim.  What it amounts to is they are just doing what their parents did to them.  I hear it in their voices, the self justifying parental anger.  They submitted and survived, so they demand that everyone else do the same.  Otherwise, it would force them to face their own pain.

The Privacy Screen saves me because people may think they know, but they really don't.  Besides, if they are so intent on figuring out what I am not saying, then they aren't really listening to what I am saying anyway.

The pain of actually trying to stand up to the Family System is beyond belief, the intensity is beyond measure, its like having one's bones dissolved.  This is what Alice Miller wrote about in her early works.  Later, after she had been manipulated by therapists, she was no longer able to face such.  Her writing lost its reach.

Because the pain is so intense, people find ways to avoid dealing with it.  This too is the major theme of Alice Miller's early works.  She is not talking about Child Abuse, Dysfunctional Families, or anything of the sort.  She is talking about how our entire society betrays the experience of the child.  Therapy, Recovery, and Religion are manifestations of this denial.  She shows how people use all sorts of psychoanalytic theories to defend themselves from their own actual experience.  And they apply these theories to others.

Unfortunately she did not follow her own advice, she still wanted to believe that there was some sort of therapy which was other than this.

After all, if one is facing the pain and letting it come to the surface fully, one will come to see that there has to be redress, that there is no reason to live, except for redress.  One will see that nothing about it is in the past tense, because it is not just one person's family, it is out entire society.  One will see that one is potentially under attack at all times.

Psychotherapy has always been predicated on the denigration of aggression and desire, especially sexual desire.  You can see in people how this works on them.  The more therapy a person has had, the more the repressed anger and the more passive aggressive they are.  With enough therapy and enough latent anger, one becomes qualified to *be* a therapist.

Therapy is Liberal Pedagogy, a way of controlling, while giving explanations to the contrary.

Therapy and Liberal Pedagogy are just like Humane Execution.  All any of it really serves to do is to justify its own use, and to make one come to use it for all situations.


So for myself, with my life severely impacted and no longer having access to any sort of a biography, I must be continually vigilant and must always recognize the deployment of delegitimating communications tactics.  They only reason I am still alive and functional, is that people really know nothing about me.



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