Run across a statement or act so idiotic you'd like to see the person "honored" in the ongoing Idiot of the Week series? Now you can post your deserving candidate here.

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My weekly, monthly, and yearly idiot is always, and will always be, Kirk Cameron. When I heard him on TV speaking recently, I made him this household's permenant enemy #1. He is the king of the delusional. I think we need an entire page dedicated to his idiocy just to make me feel better.
Ya know, I can't think of even one. I think the far right has gotten SO idiotic in general that it all just seems normal these days and nothing stands out.

I bet someone will make a stupid remark about Obama's peace prize today.
OK, I have one for you:

Debating Hate Crimes, Gohmert Rambles On About Bestiality, Sex With Corpses, Voting For A Black Man

Louie Gomert, southern republican congressman.
Steve Harvey
Antonin Scalia gets my vote for being incredulous that some people don't hold the cross in high esteem, and holding to that position even after it was explained to him.
Lodi City Coucil
I had to go with Oklahoma this week. The idea of publishing information about women who had abortions is just so wrong.
There is so many to choose from it can be hard to narrow it down.
Obama... AGAIN.

The idiot actually sent US diplomats to honor the Pope's naming new saints... Good grief!
I have a nomination for this week. The guy in this story Dallin H. Oaks. Apostle in the LDS church. Not just because he is comparing the backlash the LDS church and it's members have suffered after their support of Prop 8 to the backlash blacks suffered during the civil rights movement, but also because of this quote: "During my lifetime I have seen a significant deterioration in the respect accorded to religion in our public life, and I believe that the vitality of religious freedom is in danger of being weakened accordingly," Oaks said. "Atheists and others would intimidate persons with religious-based points of view from influencing or making the laws of their state or nation."

Some days it's painful living in Utah...
I have one for you: Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr; he supports Rush Limbaugh's efforts to buy a mostly black football team.

He said, "My wife and I have listened to Rush for over two decades," says the Bishop, "and we have never heard Rush make a racist statement. If we had, we would have stopped listening. This is strictly about liberal hatred of a conservative commentator."

The truth of the matter is; one only need listen to Rush for two hours, to hear his racist attitude, and racist remarks.

I Nominate this ignorant Christian, and self loathing black man, for this weeks award.




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