The more I hear about this secretive Christian extremist group to which way too many American politicians apparently belong, the more freaked out I get. I think what bothers me most of all is that the group is fairly clear about their desire for theocracy and nobody seems to be doing much about it. Personally, I think that membership in an anti-democratic group like this should be as much of a disqualifying factor in someone's political career as membership in the Communist Party or (gasp) atheism would be.

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Yeah, I'm about 1/2 way through this book and it's definitely scary shit. What's amazing is their unapologetic stance on justifying their superiority over others. Trickle down compassion and all that. It's like as long as they mention Jesus once in a while, and prayer, they can pretty much do whatever they want. If you're poor and being taken advantage of by others (including them) then it's just what God wants for you and you have to suck it up and take it.
That sounds like the sort of book that would keep me up at night.
I don't understand it either, unless membership is viewed as an inside joke or something.



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