Welcome everybody! I thought it might be nice to have another way for Atheist Revolution readers to interact, and where better to do it than at Atheist Nexus. I don't have many preconceived ideas about how to use this space, so if you have ideas, please feel free to share.

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Thanks for this space.
thanks and hi!
Hi! Good to see some familiar faces. Brother Richard actually suggested I create this group a long time ago. Better late than never I suppose.
Thanks for the invite vjack. It's been awhile since I been on Atheistnexus, but I will be around more often.
I'm in a similar situation, Jeff, in that I haven't been very active here at Nexus. Every time I do visit I find myself thinking that I should try to return more often.
there are too many social networks and groups and...
i don't have the energy to maintain them all.
Very true. I guess the key is figuring out which ones are most worth maintaining and focusing on them. Of course, that is easier said than done. At least, I still haven't figured it out.
Me either. I have trouble seeing much use for them. I've joined Facebook and Twitter and hardly ever use them, let alone this place. I keep hoping something will hit me, they all seem like they *should* be good.
I continue to get some decent traffic from Twitter. I don't use Facebook for my evil atheist conspiracy but do use it to connect with old friends. Some of the groups here seem very active and have really taken off. I suppose that must depend a great deal on the particular mix of people that join one.
Yeah, I know lot of people love this stuff. I'm a computer guy, had one way before anyone else did, bought my first Mac in 1991 and was using them at work 2 years before that. But I just can't seem to get in to these social sites.

Of course, I've had some personal events that have been distracting me for quite some time.


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