Let's see, I'm involved in:

-A 4th Ed campaign that I'm not really getting into. I'm just not liking "NEW" D&D.

-An IRC Traveller Campaign

-A Face-to-face Traveller campaign that we're putting on hold so we can playtest some new rules.

-An IRC fantasy/steampunk campaign using some home brewed rules.

-A Mutant Future campaign that we just can't seem to get off the ground.

How about you?

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Tons of Warmachine and Hordes
Working on a 4th edition campaign
Aching to try out the new Tide of iron expansion.
Solo playing around with Federation Commander: Romulan Border
My current list:

- Anima Tactics
- Exalted
- Scion
- some Hordes
- modern super hero game using Aberrant
Running two campaigns on alternating weeks of Unknown Armies and Pendragon.
Currently playing two different campaigns of Pathfinder. One is Pathfinder Society. In the first, I'm playing a cleric of Iomedae, and in the second I'm playing a cross-dressing halfling thief who thinks he's an elf. All the stats are "elfish" except size and weapon restrictions, his "faith" is so strong.

Also playing two campaigns of D&D 4e. We're playing the new Lost Crown of Neverwinter. Again, I'm a halfling thief, but this time it's a Dead Rat Deserter, with the were-rat ability. The other campaign is a Points of Light/Nentir Vale campaign called "Dark Legacy of Evard" set in the southeastern part of the Nentir Vale. I'm playing another halfling thief in that one.

Since I posted last, I've taken over DMing our weekly D&D 4th edition game. We're going through the Scales of War adventure path, which was serialized in Dungeon Magazine. In Pathfinder, I'm GMing "Crypt of the Everflame" as a Pathfinder Society scenario, and I just played the last of the three Intro scenarios with my elven thief. Still haven't finished the Carrion Crown AP with my cleric of Iomedae. Looking forward to getting back into that.

Also, I learned to play Settlers of Catan. Fun game.




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