Hey guys, was thinking of a way to make the dragoon class form the Final Fantasy series into a Pathfinder RPG class, yes I am aware in the book Ultimate Combat, there is a dragoon archetype for the fighter class that focuses on mounted combat.  After looking over it I thought "This will not do..."  So I was wondering if I could get some ideas on how to take the class from a beloved series of games (1-9 are the only good numbered FF games, but that's just my opinion) to a table top role playing game that I enjoy

What I have so far

Hit Die: 1d10

Skill points: 2+int mod

Class skills: Acrobatics (Dex), Climb (Str), Craft (Int),  Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge Dungeoneering, History (Int)

Alignment: Any

Weapons and armor proficiency:  The Dragoon is proficient with the following simple weapons: short spear, long spear and javelin.  They are proficient with the following martial weapons: glave, halberd, lance and and trident.  Dragoons are proficient with all light and medium armor but not with shields or heavy armor as it would greatly restrict maneuverability.

Full base attack

Good saves: Fort, Ref

Bad save: Will

Class ability Ideas: 1d6 jump attack that increases every 2-3 levels, bonuses to acrobatics checks, maybe a rogue talent like thing?

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