Yo. So, my group has been playing the same couple D&D 3.5 campaigns for over a year now. When they started, they hailed my return to table top gaming after an age of absence. In my fervent, glory days, I was a gamer of many colors, indulging in anything that had a rulebook (and some without). I attended cons and found new games, always searching for something to stray from the tired old crap we'd gotten used to.

And now, we've been playing these 3.5 campaigns forever and I'm ready bring something new (or old, but new to the group) to the table. I'm dying to play some old West End d6 Star Wars (I have troves of books for that game), but I don't think I can sell anyone on playing it. It's not the best system in the world, but it holds a lot of nostalgia for me...and I can't quite bring myself to play d20 Star Wars (as if Lucas ruining the saga wasn't enough, we had to let WOTC dig their talons in). If anyone has played the WOTC version and thinks it rules, let me know. I'm willing to give it a chance with valid testimony. I've thought about bringing World of Darkness back, but again, it would be the older versions. I have far too many books and have kids now, so blowing money on the new stuff is out of the question.

Anyone have any other suggestions of games I could take? Anything that has PDF or online rules or supplements would be killer. Just looking for something new. Any genre works.

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Play Corporation; fast-paced action sci-fi/postcyberpunk. You play biomechanically enhanced Agents of one of the five great megacorporations that rule the world, conducting espionage, assassination, investigation and law enforcement. You're licensed, well armed and cybernetically enhanced badasses kicking ass for a hefty paycheck, glorious. I know the game's designer personally, he told me that the game's design philosophy is "if you see it in an action movie and you can't do it in the game, the game is broken." CHECK IT OUT HERE
Gonna try this one out. We used to play Shadowrun, so it shouldn't be too hard of a sell.
If you like WEG's Star Wars, you might try Spirit of the Century by Evil Hat Productions. It's a 1930's pulp RPG in the style of The Shadow, Doc Savage, etc. There's only one book (or PDF) to buy and it runs on the FATE system, so very easy to learn. You can find a number of reviews of the game at rpg.net.

You can pick up PDF versions of a lot of game for reasonable prices from rpgnow.com. I can recommend Deadlands (horror western), Scion (play the modern-day children of gods), Big Eyes, Small Mouth (anime), Sengoku (Japanese chanbara), Weapons of the Gods (wuxia), The Dying Earth (based on Jack Vance's stories).

Other PDF'd games that I can recommend are:
Cold City - horror in 1950's Berlin. http://www.contestedground.co.uk/coldprev.html
Lost Souls - a tongue-in-cheek game where the PCs are ghosts in the style of The Frightners or Beetlejuice. Free at http://www.hauntedattic.org/lostsouls.html

Deadlands...ahhh, memories. None of the guys I'm playing with now have ever played it, but I think they'd dig it. I may whip out the couple books I have and see what they say. Some of the others sound pretty decent. I've heard of Spirit of the Century.
Ever try the Call of Cthulhu stuff? I used to find a lot of materials free online if you don't already have the rules or the time to build your own adventures. You can always poke around here too: http://www.rpgarchive.com/

A few years back I used to play with a regular group and gradually people faded back into their jobs and families. We went from designing long drawn out campaigns to anything we could accomplish in an evening. And we would try just about anything as long as someone was committed to figuring out the rules ;) Fortunately I worked in a hobby shop so if something was really terrible at least I got a discount on it...
Jealousy sets in...I'd kill for a hobby shop job if it paid the bills. haha. We have two in my town, but since becoming a father, I'm not able to make it in as often.

My original group lasted for years...from junior high through college, but then marriages, kids, relocations and the like happened and everyone started to slow down their gaming habits. No more all-nighters on the weekends and every night during the summer. And understandably so. Now, we have a pretty solid group (losing one next month...got his PhD and thinks it's necessary to move and get a job...jerk). I've played Cthulhu before, but I'm not sure if some of the guys would get into it. I could dig up a book somewhere and try it out, though. A lot of nostalgia there.

Thanks for the link, by the way. I'm gonna dig around and see what I can find.
Hi there. If you like historical role playing with a hint of the magical try Harnmaster. It definitely foster a more realistic, but yet consistent fantasy environment. Not many people have played it in my years of gaming, but those who have loved it. Think a Braveheart type setting.

If you are interested send me a message. I have all of the important books in pdf format (self scanned), and would be happy to send them to you.



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