In India, 10,000 Year Old Rock Paintings possibly depicting aliens and UFOs in Charama region in Kanker district (Chattisgarh state) in tribal Bastar region were found recently (July 2014).

According to archaeologists, these paintings depicted aliens like those shown in Hollywood and Bollywood flicks!

They say the findings suggest that humans in prehistoric times may have seen or imagined beings from other planets which still create curiosity among people and researchers. Extensive research is needed for further findings.

Chhattisgarh presently doesn't have any such expert who could give clarity on the subject. Chhattisgarh state department of archaeology and culture is planning to seek help from NASA and ISRO for research on the findings. 

Located about 130 km from Raipur, the caves come under village Chandeli and Gotitola. 

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Dear Sir

The art form just do not look like aliens but more like arts drawn by aboriginals everywhere. Distorted form of human beings. If they had seen aliens what about pictures of their machines, air crafts / space crafts/ dresses ( i believe aliens who could travel vast distances of space in highly sophisticated ships with highly advanced knowledge must have invented dress) which are not drawn by the artists. It has become a fashion among many to see aliens every where in old cave drawings. Its like people who see Gods images ( or OHM )in potato, coconuts, in the sky cloud and in fire flames and say look GOD is great.

Dear Pandeyji, nice to read your reply. There are more pictures (see below) found on the site. You can make out a space craft-like thing in one picture, another shows space helmet-like structure!

According to Times of India:

“There are several beliefs among locals in these villages. While few worship the paintings, others narrate stories they have heard from ancestors about “Rohela people” -the small sized ones -who used to land from the sky in a round shaped flying object and take away one or two persons in the  village who never returned.”

I am not for or against the issue of Aliens but definitely more research is needed on these findings. 




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