I work for a company that makes carbide cutting tools for the aerospace industry. It was founded by a Christian missionary, who died in a plan crash a few years ago, so his family continues to run it. Needless to say for the most part the majority of people who work there are Christian. I am probably the only Atheist that works there. There is one other who is a freethinker, but accepts the possibility of a creator. So he's more along the lines of a Deist. So far there haven't been any problems, and the only time anything regarding dogma is brought up, is at the meetings we have with management. As far as the shop goes, it is pretty laid back, and as long as the tools are getting done at the highest quality, and in a timely fashion, no one really cares.

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Hi Kyle, if I am reading correctly the people at work know that you are an atheist and don't care, which is great. Where I work (a software company) religion is not generally discussed. Having said that, one guy is definitely an atheist that I know of and several are Jewish. One of my friends is Irish Catholic (by upbringing, not sure how much he really believes) and another I am still trying to figure out :) the subject hasn't come up yet.


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