Below is a commentary from the New York Times. I thought this would be a good way to start this discussion off!



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Yeah, I've also explored various abandoned missile silos in my area, they must have cost a fortune. A massive concrete cylinder going hundreds of feet down.
An apology seemed appropriate. A lot of offense seemed to be taken. I have knack for posting offensively broad statements on the internet without thinking about it first.
Billions were spent on the cold war and its toys. And most of the worlds smartest people were employed by the government to maintain the balance of terror. But enough about the past. I think corporate funds and resources will ultimately be necessary.
As much as I would like to be wrong I fear after hearing his testimony Dr. Bolden has no vision for NASA. And Pres. Obama ( much to my breaking heart ) also seem to lack the vision and the will to say GO!
The technology exists, some new hardware would be necessary. We are ready to go NOW! There just isn't the will. TO afraid to suffer losses (the astronauts aren't afraid to go) and no leadership with vision.




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