I think the people at the web site below have our best hope of a technology that will provide cheap and safe transportation to low earth orbit. No rocket fuel needed for the trip up or down, but maybe some for an escape pod. If the technology matures and the governments of the world finance it, it could mean that waitress Kelly could spend her week's vacation (week's holiday for you Europeans) in low earth orbit, or even on the moon or an asteroid.


If this becomes a reality, I would like to turn your attention to what we could do with this stepping stone to Space. The billions of dollars that we saved in fuel costs alone will allow us to accelerate 10 fold or more the solutions to surviving in Space, getting around in Space, exploration of Space by scientists as well as pilots, and mining of asteroids.

This brings hope to humanity that we will actually progress in our knowledge of the Earth and Space which would offer at least two things to Earth residents. 1) Advanced medical technology 2) Space entertainment.

Have a great day!!!

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