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Im with brother! This is however a goal that we could live to see the first Mars mission. If the banner were taken up by the White House, and more and more laypeople this could happen in ten years. Imagine that moment! Imagine that smile!
Thanks for the video post. I had this playlist on YouTube from Melkane's channel way back. Too bad YT took it down. Glad to see it is up again!
Why envy when we can attempt to come back? :)
Exactly why cloning and other life extension research appeals to me. The possibilities of interstellar travel.
why cloning and other life extension research appeals to me.

I think genetic research and yes, manipulation will be apart of the long term answer to the amount of radiation that the first colonists will suffer.
People - please stop with the 'cloning = extended self" nonsense. Until you can do a brain dump a clone is another person genetically identical to you. And, unless you think identical twins are the same person (I'm sure they would object to THAT notion) then you can't keep up this myth that your clone is a true copy of you. It is not.
Ummm...did I miss something Howard. Of course cloning isnt an exact copy. There are many different possible forms of cloning. Especially organ cloning. Ummm extended "life" would be more accurate. However I wont dismiss the possibility of brain dump..mmm what ethical questions that brings up.




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