Microsoft saw the final copy of Seth and Alex Almost Live Show, leaving them with a bad taste in their mouth. At first Microsoft agreed to sponsor, knowing Family Guy and it's humor. When they saw the final copy of this variety show, they immediately pulled out stating that the show did not represent Microsoft and it's image. ROFLS, why am I not surprised? I bet Seth was extremely amused by this.

If you haven't seen this show yet, you need to, it's hysterical, crude, over the top and shocking in some instances. Seth Macfarlane is stretching the limits of free speech, leaving a little more breathing room for all of the free thinkers out there. I admire this man because he is pushing the envelope, broadening peoples perceptions and breaking down these faux walls of morality that religious groups have worked hard throughout history to put up. The man is amazing, not only for his talent and all of his hilarious TV shows, but because he dares to do and say what no one else will... Plus, I think he's sexy haha!

Any thoughts?

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Yes, he's quite irreverent! I also love watching religion and other sensitive issues take a trouncing on South Park.
South Park is my favorite show of all time! haha, I just uploaded videos to my south park group :)
Someone must have told Bill Gates that God uses a Mac...




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