That prejudice, was of course, god. I addressed their prejudice today in my Atheist AA Blog . The Blog is a companion to the Atheist AA Group on Google that I announced in a group email yesterday. I should have put that info here too, or maybe only here, but I didn't see this discussion forum until today.

I think that I was like "Luke", who responded to my post yesterday. (See below.) I had to get over my resentment about Bill and Bob's prejudice, and sometimes a little justice means pushing the limits. So I started a local Atheist AA group that has official recognition from the GSO headquarters in New York.

Our "trusted servants" are finally serving everyone. I met them all face to face this last weekend at the East Central Forum, put on by the GSO in my hometown. They were all super friendly, super easy to get along with, and willing to assist everyone with any problem they had on any subject. They had no problem with me and my atheist group.

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I drink 4 to 5 days a week. I've been in locked wards, detoxes, therapy and so what if I drink. Yeah I'm killing myself but what's there to say about longevity. I'm 54 years old and all my loved ones are dying around me. I take care of my 85 yr old uncle with love and steadfastness as well as my Mom who is on hospice. I do what Ican to make a couple of bucks, carpentry and painting and yeah I need a drink. WTF is wrong with a bit of the etoh. If you're having serious problems with "alcoholism" then try being a a caretaker for your elders. Works for me.




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